• Lifesaver! being able to pump in the car saved me 20-30 minutes each morning and makes it way more convenient. Apr 03, 2020

  • Skip it and just buy an AC outlet adapter for your car to plug your pump into. The. You can use it later for all sorts of other electronics! Mar 28, 2020

  • Very easy to use. Definitely a good accessory for pumping while traveling or even to/from work! Feb 26, 2020

    • Kim S.
    • Byron Center, Michigan

    Life changing! I exclusively pumped for 8 months and this saved me so much time! I pumped in the car in my way to and from work and it was great! Feb 19, 2020

  • It works when you need it to. Definitely not as much power as plugging into the wall, the suction is not as strong and I pump less. But sometimes it's a necessity and it gets the job done! Feb 06, 2020

  • The best invention ever for a mom on the go!! I was able to go into the car while the baby slept and pump with no problem!! Highly recommended even for those traveling while still breastfeeding!! Nov 19, 2019

  • A must have for pumping in the car. Nov 08, 2019

  • very useful when I was pumping on the way to and from work. Sep 27, 2019

  • Being an exclusive pumper I couldn’t of went without a car adapter Sep 11, 2019

  • This is nice to have but I noticed when using my Medela pump in our Toyota Tundra it drains the trucks battery and the pump doesn’t get quite enough juice better off buying a portable Pump Aug 28, 2019

    • MJ W.
    • Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

    I was not impressed with this product. It caused such a decrease in suction that I was barely able to pump. If you need to pump on the go a lot I would recommend investing in the medela freestyle pump Aug 25, 2019

  • I bought this for a road trip and it was great. I wish the cord was a bit longer because I was in the backseat and had to lean forward to make it work. Aug 15, 2019

  • I love being able to pump in the car! Unfortunately, I went through three of these because they would just stop working. Aug 08, 2019

  • This was a game changer for a working momma in outside sales. While pumping while driving is not recommended you have the flexibility to pump as needed! Aug 02, 2019

    • Keri W.
    • Marthasville , Missouri

    Works well and makes your non portable pump somewhat portable! Life saver for us moms who exclusively pump. Gives you more freedom between pumps. Jul 13, 2019

  • I pump a lot in the car. This vehicle adapter has been a lifesaver! It works for the Spectra S2 pump as well Jun 25, 2019

  • Very happy I bought this and the battery pack. You never know where you need to pump. I got stuck at a wedding with no privacy and had to call valet to pump in the car. This saved me! Jun 18, 2019

  • This worked for my Spectra & medela. Made traveling for work so much easier because i wouldn’t have to stop & plug my pump in at some gas station May 29, 2019

  • Bought this because my commute to work is over an hour. Works so much better than batteries! May 07, 2019

  • So helpful for those in traffic pumps May 03, 2019

  • I used this with my Spectra S2 and I was so happy! Nothing keeps you feeling tethered like a pump that isn't portable. With this, I was able to pump in the car which truly changed my life. Apr 11, 2019

  • A MUST have for traveling!!! Apr 02, 2019

  • Let’s me pump in my car! Which is certainly handy in the traffic traps I’m often caught in Miami! Get this if you spend a ton of time in your car. Mar 17, 2019

  • Life saver for pumping in the car and on long trips. Mar 17, 2019

  • Turns a non-portable pump into a portable one! Makes pumping on the go a breeze! Mar 10, 2019

  • This is great for pumping on the go. I pump almost daily in the car to and from work. Mar 10, 2019

  • Find the suction to be very comparable to the plug in at home! Makes for an easy on the go pumping experience! Mar 06, 2019

  • I got this to pump while driving and it saved me so much time. I would pump on my way to and from work. It's amazing; the only thing I regret is not getting it sooner. Jan 24, 2019

  • It seems like it hardly gets any power and takes forever to pump. I got this because I was traveling and it did work but expect for it to take twice or three times as long as it normally does to pump. Jan 19, 2019

  • YES! Instead of pumping while eating out or visiting family, I would pump on the way there and it was a life saver! Jan 16, 2019

  • We travel, A LOT, So this is a life saver. And a battery saver. 10/10 Jan 16, 2019

  • You have to remember this is not going to be as powerful as an outlet. If you keep that in mind, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this product. I easily pumped 9 oz in the car on a trip. Dec 29, 2018

  • Life changer! I have a long commute. Using this in the car was a lifesaver! Oct 21, 2018

    • Amy N.
    • Elgin, South Carolina

    Makes pumping on the go very easy!! Great Idea! Oct 19, 2018

  • This is a must have for a mommy who is constantly on the go for work. Works every time no complaints Oct 10, 2018

  • While out and about and away from baby, this is a great way to give yourself the versatility to enjoy a day away without feeling uncomfortable. It is easy to use, lightweight, and dependable. Oct 09, 2018

  • I exclusively pumped for 6 months. This came in very handy when we would travel anywhere and i would use it on our way home from the store or a friend's house. easy to use and very useful Sep 27, 2018

  • Life saver! This has been used with not just Medala pump but also was interchangeable with my Spectra. Sep 25, 2018

  • Definitely a must have if you’re a pumping mom with a commute! Aug 31, 2018

  • This became a life saver with my first child. I could go to work and pump on my way to work. It was easy and hands free. Also discrete with my shirt covering my boobs. Aug 27, 2018

  • Got this for a road trip, and honestly it is the best for pumping while in the car. Aug 09, 2018

    • Amber W.
    • United States of America

    Works as intended. Neither love nor hate it. Aug 08, 2018

    • Kinsee H.
    • Spartanburg, South Carolina

    This is so necessary if you pump!! There will for sure come a time that you have to pump in the car! Jul 23, 2018

  • Love all of the PISA accessories!!! Jul 10, 2018

    • Brenda A.
    • Desert Hot Springs, California

    Great to have for any emergencies. Used it a couple times when I had to travel for work. Jul 06, 2018

  • Must have for pumping on the go!! Jul 03, 2018

  • Was great in a pinch! However, it seemed to decrease the overall power to the pump vs. plugging into a regular outlet. Nonetheless still great to have! Jul 02, 2018

  • A must have for your pump if you want to pump in the car Jun 30, 2018

  • Works great for taking the pump on the go. We drove 14 hours and I didn't want to stop a million times to feed my daughter so I pumped while my husband drove and it made the trip so much easier! Jun 17, 2018

  • This is great if you need to pump in the car Jun 08, 2018