• I tried so many different fertility tracking apps, and this one was above and beyond my favorite. It's extremely user friendly, and the tracking is spot on. Mar 28, 2017

  • So helpful and spot on for ovulation tracking! Helped us conceive within 4 months of being off of birth control. Will use again after baby is born so I can track again! Dec 23, 2016

  • I had a hard time getting pregnant and this app helped me so much. It is so easy to use! Oct 18, 2016

    • Jess W.
    • Kansas City, Missouri

    This is an amazing app for getting pregnant! Feb 12, 2015

    • Ani S.
    • United States of America

    compared to other apps I feel like this one doesn't take itself as seriously, and I don't feel like I can trust the information as much.... Jul 30, 2014

  • I got pregnant thanks to this app. I totally recommend it :) Mar 19, 2014

  • I know way more about my cycle now :) Feb 19, 2014

    • Betty C.
    • Monaville, West Virginia

    love how this can tell me when i am Fertile and love also how it also goes by all my info that i give it to tell me when it is best Sep 30, 2013

  • This is the BEST app for fertility tracking. It uses my info (my period, CF, BBT, and even my sleep) to tell me when I'm fertile. Very accurate, highly recommend! Sep 11, 2013

    • Jen M.
    • United States of America

    Ovuline is a great tool that uses your own personal information to help you get pregnant faster and have healthier pregnancies. It's highly personalized and easy to use. Sep 11, 2013