• Shari B.
    • Clifton Park, New York

    This was a favorite for both of my children. Keeps them busy and on a clean (and easy to clean) surface. Good for tummy time and hand/foot coordination. Jun 22, 2021

  • My daughter has loved this since she’s been born for tummy time! The hanging toys have her reaching and making eye contact with is amazing! We use this EVERYDAY! May 29, 2021

    • Reo M.
    • Port Orchard, Washington

    We loved this so much for our daughter, we bought another one for her daycare so she could have it there too. Skip Hop always makes the best toys. The kids love the animals on this and it's well made. May 26, 2021

  • I have this at my mom's house for my son when she watches him. It keeps him very entertained. He loves the monkeys. May 25, 2021

  • This one is nice and soft and really big! Apr 07, 2021

  • Got this as a gift. This product is more short term. It lasted only a few months until lil one starts to flip and turn over Mar 20, 2021

    • Katy S.
    • Cayucos, California

    Both babies enjoyed this gym. Very soft, easy to clean, and the hanging toys are easy for them to grasp. The mirror attached to the floor mat is a nice touch. Mar 03, 2021

    • Laura M.
    • Statesville , North Carolina

    This was the first activity gym we bought the baby. He loved it. The uniqueness of the owl etc was what drew us to it. Feb 26, 2021

  • My daughters babysitter has this, this was excellent for independent play. It would only keep my daughter occupied for a few minutes at a time however. Feb 07, 2021

  • Great for tummy time! Cute designs and colors Feb 04, 2021

  • We loved this for our first and can't wait to use it with the twins. Super high quality, and great variety of toys attached! Feb 02, 2021

  • My baby loves playing on this mat. I love that the toys can be attached and unattached. Our dog can't run off with the toys if we keep them attached and baby loves to grab at the toys. Jan 25, 2021

  • Very cute activity gym. Everything was soft and animals made different noises based on what texture they were when you touch them. Babe seemed to enjoy her time on here. Jan 25, 2021

  • I have the cloud model. Soft quality fabric, well made, engaging toys and colors. Plush soft surface for laying babe on. Jan 10, 2021

  • Love the colors and design. This was great for both babies and they really enjoyed playing with the hanging toys. It was very easy to clean which was great for teething, drooling babies! Nov 19, 2020

  • my daughter used to use this in her daycare class. she loved it Nov 17, 2020

  • So cute, and the colors aren't blinding like some other baby products. Doesn't clash in my living room, and my baby loves tummy time on it. Oct 02, 2020

  • I love the forest animals theme, and it is gender neutral! Nice size pad, engaging dangle toys, just enough pizzazz without too may lights/sounds etc. We love ours! Sep 18, 2020

  • My ultimate favorite. The pillow makes tummy time so much easier for baby. Love the mirror in the pad. Easy to wash. And the toys are adjustable on the bars Sep 01, 2020

  • This activity gym keeps the baby entertained and they love it! Aug 31, 2020

  • This was a great baby gym! My son loved it and the toys can be removed and used in stroller, car seat, Etc. It does fade a lot when you wash it but did not ware other than that. Aug 31, 2020

  • Love it Aug 25, 2020

  • Keeps baby entertained and the toys are great for teething. Aug 19, 2020

    • Katie T.
    • North Garden, Virginia

    My daughter enjoyed this mat from birth to crawling and still plays with the toys as a toddler. Was a good spot for tummy time as well. Jul 29, 2020

  • This was a favorite, my son loved this and would hangout under it for quite some time. Apr 27, 2020

  • Baby wasnt that interested in this Apr 23, 2020

  • Great mat! Has two settings of how high you can hang the toys - so usable from a very young age to when the baby is bigger. The toys are fun and my son loves grabbing at them and batting them around. Apr 20, 2020

  • My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I was gifted this and it is one of my favorite gifts! It is fun for little ones and adults, easy to clean and lots of fun noises like chirps, squeaks and crinkles! Mar 30, 2020

  • My daughter loves this. We have used it since birth for tummy time and playtime and she still uses it daily at 6 months old. One of our top baby items! Mar 25, 2020

  • My son hated tummy time, but loved laying on his back playing with the hanging animals. This may eventually made it somewhat fun to lay on his belly too. Mar 08, 2020

  • My baby is 5 months now and loves to spend time with this toy. LO lays there for at least an hour entertained and even falls asleep playing. I make sure to put harder toys close to the bottom. Mar 05, 2020

  • Obsessssssed. Our guy LOOOOOOVES this play mat. Both on his back and on his tummy. Bright colors and interactive toys Jan 18, 2020

  • I really appreciate the neutral colors and my kiddos love the playful hanging animals. There is something to touch or see for stimulation on every surface! The tummy time pillow is so helpful. Jan 05, 2020

    • Kira S.
    • Spruce Grove, Canada

    My LO loves the various toys and it's easy to rotate them so that he can access his favorites. Works great for tummy time and play time Dec 26, 2019

    • Alex C.
    • United States of America

    Unfortunately my daughter does not love this product. The hanging toys do not hold her interest and the colors are not vibrant enough. However, it is a ‘pretty’ activity gym and we switch the toys out Dec 16, 2019

  • This baby gym is one of the best ones I've used as a mom! The woodland theme is really neutral, so it can be used with either a boy or girl. The animals squeak, chime and tweet. We love this gym! Dec 10, 2019

  • Great activity mat with different colors, textures, and sounds. Easy to assemble, washes well. Only negative is I realized these mats are only used for a short time (a few months), so kind of pricey. Nov 30, 2019

  • There are so many elements to this mat. Looking, touching, pulling, noises. This is a item used every day and very easy to wash. Also a great item to take with you if you're going to another house. Nov 22, 2019

  • Love this! Nice sounds (squeaks, rattles, chirping) for baby and colourful without being too obnoxious like some baby things. He laid under it since newborn and now he sits to play with the toys! Nov 18, 2019

  • My daughter loves that the toys hang just low enough that she can reach up and try to grab them. Nov 14, 2019

    • Erin B.
    • Erie, Pennsylvania

    The top arches were so easy to bend. Our daughter would roll on the bottom of the arches and it would collapse on her Oct 30, 2019

  • High quality! My daughter loves the toys that it comes with. The colors are vibrant and the arms are sturdy which holds up well. I’ve had this in storage for two years and it is still going strong. Oct 07, 2019

    • Nicole S.
    • Elk Grove Village, Illinois

    This mat is super cute, wish it did more but it was a gift and baby girl loved it. Easy to put away. Sep 18, 2019

    • Heidi B.
    • Winston-Salem , North Carolina

    The toys come off so you can either have them on the top, or put them on the blanket for tummy time, it folds up really easily, it’s super portable, and our baby really, really liked the toys. Sep 16, 2019

  • Our girl loved playing with this. It was nice for her to start interacting with objects. She would have tummy time on here as well. Sep 09, 2019

  • We love skip hop and this item was a hit! Colorful plushies keep baby interested and happy! Sep 09, 2019

  • This is not for tall and big babies. My son is in the 99% for his weight and height so he was just spilling out of this thing. Nice for smaller babies Sep 07, 2019

  • Kiddo loved it...so did our foster pups! Aug 28, 2019

  • My 3 month old loves this gym! She can reach the toys that hang and always smiles at the owls with the big eyes. She plays on it daily and doesn't seem to be bored with it. Great purchase! Aug 19, 2019

    • Lexi M.
    • 19380, Pennsylvania

    Must have! My son loved this. Even if he was screaming when we laid him on it he'd smile and look all around. Once he started reaching out for thing it was fun to watch him play with the toys. Aug 13, 2019