• LO didn't like to be put in the seat but loves the table now that he can stand on his own Feb 15, 2018

  • Best walker/activity center! All 3 of my babies have used ours and did well with walking and helped them stand I feel it's safer since they aren't walking around the house just in a circle Feb 10, 2018

  • My little girl loves this. She smiles ear to ear the entire time she plays in it. It's sturdy and feels like a safe place for her to play and learn. Jan 24, 2018

  • This was a great way to get baby moving! If you don’t have much space this is great instead of an actual one that moves around the house. Lots of entertainment. Sturdy. My son loves it Dec 29, 2017

  • This is a great tool for playing, walking, and keeping a kid contained for a little while. Dec 04, 2017

  • Did not glide good on certain floors Nov 27, 2017

    • Emily D.
    • United States of America

    This was the first activity set we put our daughter in and she loved being able to spin around try new toys - we think it helped her develop leg strength since she began walking at just 9.5 months! Oct 23, 2017

  • Absolutely wonderful!! My little one has loved this since the time she could hold her head up! And now that she's walking, we've removed the seat and she plays with it on her leisure! Oct 12, 2017

  • We have 2 and I love that I can put my kiddo in it, her drink, some puffs and she can move around freely. Plus there's so much on it! Oct 06, 2017

  • My little one adores this toy! It does take up quite a bit of room & best set up in the center of a room away since baby has such a range of movement. Jul 18, 2017

  • Great for walkers, who aren't yet confident. Jul 17, 2017

    • Kim S.
    • Largo, Florida

    I don't know what we'd do without this! Our boy's legs are SO STRONG at 8 months. It's great because you don't have to worry about him getting into mischief walking around the house. Jun 25, 2017

    • Jenni D.
    • Hutchinson , Minnesota

    My LO absolutely loves this toy! I can finally get things done without her fussing for attention after a few minutes! Jun 01, 2017

  • I got this for my niece and she loved it Mar 28, 2017

  • My son loved this! It gives him some freedom to walk a bit more to which part of the activity center he wants to go to as well! Feb 12, 2017

  • The best product out there! We started her at about 7 months, as soon as she could touch the floor in it. She's now 10 months and isn't crawling but can run in circles in this and even walk backwards Jan 04, 2017

    • CJ N.
    • Austin, Texas

    The kiddos liked this thing, as it let them move around once they were mobile, but when they started getting pretty fast it became a hazard and we had to retire it. Dec 16, 2016

  • Amazing!! What a great concept! Nov 17, 2016

  • This was amazing. My kid would do laps in this while he was learning how to stand and walk. Love this thing. Oct 05, 2016

  • My daughter loves this toy and the seat is detachable when they learn to walk. My niece also loves this toy and she is 2 so we will get some good use out of this purchase. May 06, 2016

    • Chang L.
    • Fayetteville, Arkansas

    My little one learned to walk around quickly. Apr 25, 2016

  • I love that this toy grows with baby. This seat is detachable. My baby enjoyed this toy from around 4 months old until his 1st birthday, Dec 29, 2015

  • So awesome! Teaches babies how to move independently also interactive I think every baby should have one! Dec 16, 2015

  • This was a great play table, and especially useful when my daughter wasn't walking yet/barely walking, because she was able to move around the table on her own without my help, and she was contained. Aug 15, 2015

  • My daughter has loved this toy since she received for Christmas. She still plays with this even though she is pulling up and walking with assistance! Apr 03, 2015

  • this toy was and still is the best purchase we've made for activity centers. LO has loved it from 6 months to date at 13.5 mo! She would spin her self all around it by 8 mo and now pushes her babies! Mar 14, 2015

  • This was so great! We were given it and we used it all the time. Once she outgrew the seat, we took it off and she still likes to play with the activity party. Nov 10, 2014

  • I think I loved this toy as much as my son did. He was such a happy baby while playing in it and I was such a happy mommy too since I didn't have to worry about him walking into danger. Fun and safe! Oct 25, 2014

  • Very unique and cool. Baby can run around and work on leg muscles more then just bouncing. Very nice table with toys that grows with baby. Oct 05, 2014

  • Didn't think my daughter would enjoy it as much as she does. Loved doing "laps" and now stands to play with the piano and other activities. Sep 30, 2014

    • Jamey E.
    • United States of America

    This activity center took up some space, but it was well worth it. They could walk around to the different stations and also twirl around away from the center. It was great! Sep 30, 2014

    • S T.
    • San Diego, California

    This is the best activity center. It keeps baby entertained longer than the sitting ones because they can move. It also helps them build their leg muscles for walking. Sep 18, 2014

  • One of the best purchases we've made. Our baby just loves to play with this toy and we love to watch him enjoy it. Sep 02, 2014

  • This was such a fun walker/activity center. You get the walking action, with out cruising around the house and it is a stand alone activity table once they can walk. Aug 20, 2014

  • We got this for my daughter's 4 month "birthday." Despite being of above average length for her age, it didn't work for her when she was younger. She didn't really get into it until 6 months, or so. Jul 24, 2014

  • This toy is wonderful. It gave my little one the independence to walk and play at her table herself without the danger traditional walkers pose. Not perfect but still a winner in my book. Jul 24, 2014

  • My 14 month still uses this. We just detached the chair portion. He loves playing the piano part. Jul 24, 2014

  • only regret is I wish we got this earlier. but our son has played with this everyday for the last 6 months (age 6-12 months) and is still interested in it, although less and less as he's aged. Jun 27, 2014

  • The grandparents have this and baby LOVES it. Great thing is it works as baby grows because the seat can be removed and baby can stand at the table when older. Feb 19, 2014

    • Erin K.
    • United States of America

    So far, we love this. The bucket seat is a little big for my big 6 month old, but he'll grow into it. Feb 03, 2014

  • Good walker alternative for upstairs! She would go round and round... Dec 17, 2013

  • Still exploring this one. Nov 05, 2013

  • both babies loved to walk in this.. i like that it can stay in one area, keeps baby safe Oct 31, 2013

  • Very ugly but very useful -- great for pre-walkers. If you can, borrow one from a friend or get one off of craigslist. Don't waste money getting a new one -- it's a heap of indestructible plastic. Oct 25, 2013

    • Molly M.
    • United States of America

    i love that the seat comes off of this, making it last longer than most bouncers. I wish the seat were a little more adjustable, my son is tall enough to tip out of it, but its definitely worth while. Sep 24, 2013

  • Love that baby can run around in circles, but not run around all over the house. It's a great way to practice walking in a safe environment. Sep 24, 2013

  • awesome! Sep 12, 2013

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This toy is fantastic!!! Sep 02, 2013

  • Was really great... but only for a short while. My son outgrew it after only a few months. Aug 22, 2013

  • Love but as they get older the can get the base of the floor which can be dangerous. At 8 months we could not longer use it. Aug 14, 2013