• Amy H.
    • Scotch Plains, New Jersey

    Fun interactive book! May 12, 2021

    • Emma S.
    • Fayetteville, North Carolina

    This book is so much fun to read. My daughter loves touching the book and following the directions throughout the book. May 11, 2021

  • I like that this book is interactive and teaches action and reaction. May 01, 2021

  • Love that this book is interactive. Very fun for a 3 year old! Mar 08, 2021

  • An absolute treat, magical, especially with a crowd. The handprint page always makes kids look at their hands after, to see if they have paint on them. A story time favorite. Feb 18, 2021

    • Jade T.
    • Los Angeles , California

    Brilliant interactive book to get chatting over story time Jan 29, 2021

  • Probably one of my favorite books. The kids love to "read" it on their own and follow the directions. They giggle as they read it. Jan 25, 2021

  • Very fun and interactive book for a preschooler. Jan 25, 2021

  • Such a great book and super interactive for the kiddies . Dec 22, 2020

  • This book is so great! Babies/toddler watch us press on screens all day, and this gives them a tactile way to "press" buttons in a screen-free way. It's like a magic trick for toddlers! Oct 18, 2020

    • Toni H.
    • Madison, Mississippi

    A fun and interactive book for the kiddos. We would read this book while my eldest learned how to use the potty. An engaging book kids will want to "do" over and over. Oct 05, 2020

  • Great and fun book for toddlers. My 3 year old laughs as we go through the pages and wants to do it again and again Sep 22, 2020

  • I want my son to love this book but so far at age two and a half he hasn't quite mastered the idea of it yet. Mommy enjoys it though! Sep 11, 2020

    • Molly O.
    • United States of America

    This is a really fun and interactive book for children of any age to be entertained by. My kids reach for books such as this one all of the time, because it's more than just reading. Jul 26, 2020

  • This book is fun to read even as an adult! We read it to the baby while I was pregnant and continue to enjoy and interact with it now as a family. Apr 03, 2020

  • Really enjoy how interactive this book is! Learn all about colors, while mixing them up without the mess! Jan 29, 2020

  • This book is so cool!! I love it!! Helps kids follow directions. Jan 20, 2020

  • Such a fun and interactive book. I love listening to my son giggle as we read through! Jan 09, 2020

  • Fun book for kids because it’s interactive. It has them blow, press, pat etc. My son liked it the first few times we read it, but now he’s kind of over it Jan 02, 2020

  • I bought this for my son's daycare room for Christmas. Love how interactive it is. It allows each child in the room to participate in the story. Dec 26, 2019

  • My kids don't really get this book. I don't think they think it's as "magic" as the book wants them to think it is. They understand what is happening when you turn the page and it doesn't impress them Nov 20, 2019

  • My 3 yesr old loves this book!! It's interactive and super fun! I highly recommend it! Nov 05, 2019

    • Keri G.
    • Hagerstown, Maryland

    Fun, interactive read! Oct 10, 2019

  • Bought this book ages ago when I first saw it, before I was pregnant. One of the most ingenious interactive books I've seen (without any annoying lights/sounds!). Sep 16, 2019

    • Kelly T.
    • Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Silly and so fun! An unusual book that our family enjoys reading. Little ones will find it especially silly! Aug 11, 2019

  • Enjoyable read by all. Aug 09, 2019

  • So creative, interactive and FUN! I thought my toddler would need to be older to appreciate it, but she adores this and wants to read this book all the time. Highly recommend Aug 01, 2019

    • Kelly S.
    • North Richland Hills, Texas

    They laugh every time I show them this book. Genius idea! Jul 21, 2019

  • Grandpa got this for my son for his birthday and he absolutely loves it! Super interactive and he makes me read it 4-5 times every time he whips it out! Lots of fun seeing him smile and gettin into it Jul 11, 2019

    • Alena T.
    • Raleigh, North Carolina

    This is a cute, interactive book that our toddler loves. It is long but there aren’t many words per page. Jul 09, 2019

  • We have the board book version and I’ve never seen anything quite like this. My 20 month old loves pressing the buttons and flipping the page to see the result. Such a clever idea and so engaging! Jun 10, 2019

  • My 2 year old really gets into this book. It asks you to 'push all the yellow dots', 'clap', and 'tap the red dot 5 times' things like this to keep them interactive. Apr 16, 2019

    • Emily D.
    • United States of America

    This book is so original and fun to read! Apr 03, 2019

    • Scott D.
    • West Sacramento, California

    Fun book and very sturdy so it won't rip easily. Jan 24, 2019

  • My daughter love this book and many others from this same author. Jan 22, 2019

  • Both my older girls love Press here and now my oldest sneaks it to bed to read it and play! Jan 04, 2019

  • Such a great, interactive book! Dec 27, 2018

  • This is such a fun book and my toddlers love interacting with it! Oct 21, 2018

  • Fun and interactive. Love this book. Sep 10, 2018

  • Fun book. Was a favorite of my niece for a long time. Passed on to other siblings who have all enjoyed. Reading needs to be interactive at first to get a child really interested. Job well done. Jul 16, 2018

  • Fun and clever book! I like that it is interactive! (Not a board book though) Jul 12, 2018

    • Megan T.
    • Winston salem , North Carolina

    Love this story! Jun 18, 2018

    • Megan W.
    • Great meadows, New Jersey

    Was given this for my daughter. It was a favorite of the person who gifted to us but my daughter is too young for it at this time (1) Jun 13, 2018

    • Amy N.
    • Lumberton, Texas

    Really fun, interactive - helps with hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Jun 01, 2018

    • Joy V.
    • Olney, Maryland

    Super amusing book for adults more than kids. It’s all about impulse control! Apr 13, 2018

    • Anna S.
    • San Antonio , Texas

    A great interactive book for little people! Mar 11, 2018

  • This series of books were given to us by my parents as a gift for the babies, and I absolutely adore these books! Their simple phrases are thoughtfully written & the art really engages and captivates! Feb 17, 2018

    • Ali B.
    • Cleveland, Ohio

    A fun interactive book!! Jan 29, 2018

  • Such a fun interactive book for toddlers!! Very entertaining for kids and parents a like Jan 24, 2018

  • My kids ADORE this book! The even "read" it to themselves after we tire of reading it to them :) It's fun and addictive. Jan 07, 2018