• Cute and perfect for keeping children's attention. I wish it didn't have material over the keys. It gets dirty and you can't clean it Aug 16, 2018

    • Becca E.
    • Grand Rapids, Michigan

    If you don’t have this, get it. It’s the best toy to keep in the car for short and long trips!! Aug 16, 2018

  • Fun little toy! Different languages and super easy to use. May 22, 2018

  • Awesome toy! Keeps baby happy and entertained. Great for a gift and also for taking on the go! Apr 06, 2018

  • Wonderful toy! Mar 21, 2018

  • This piano is super cute! My daughter loves to hit the keys (they are softer so that is a plus) it has numbers and animal sounds. Good gift to give someone with a baby! Mar 06, 2018

  • The size of this toy is great to travel with. My 9 month old loves to hit the soft keys that are made out of fabric instead of plastic Great feature. Mar 03, 2018

    • Alena T.
    • Raleigh, North Carolina

    This lights up and makes sounds- what wouldn’t a baby love? There are 3 modes (music, numbers, animals) and 3 languages (English, Spanish, French). The ‘keys’ are soft and the base is hard plastic Feb 05, 2018

  • Does not do much for the price Feb 01, 2018

  • Amazing learning toy: music, letters, numbers, languages, color. Best of all very sturdy; my toddler throws it all the time. Jan 07, 2018

  • My son was very interested in this in the store so we bought it for him. We used to keep it in the car during car rides he would love playing with it and it would keep him entertained Dec 29, 2017

  • My daughter loves this little piano (and her dad too) Nov 28, 2017

  • My baby loves this and even though I don't like mechanical sounds, this is probably the least offensive:) Oct 18, 2017

  • Cute - daughter loves it. Very noisy so it lives at grandma's house. Oct 05, 2017

  • Love the different language features and songs. The cloth buttons are hard to clean though. Sep 13, 2017

  • My daughter liked this for a while. Aug 20, 2017

  • Both of my kids have enjoyed playing with this. Wish it had more keys (the black keys aren't keys). The animal sounds particularly amuses my kids. Jul 26, 2017

  • This is one of my sons favorite toys. He loves playing the piano. I like the different instruments and languages that are included. I also like that it teaches some colors as well. Jun 11, 2017

    • Gwen M.
    • Robertsdale , Alabama

    Little one loves this! Apr 11, 2017

  • This is my daughter's favorite car toy. Mar 28, 2017

  • My kid loved this thing. This was a toy with played with often when he was super little. Oct 05, 2016

  • baby only played with this a handful of times. luckily got it on a Black Friday deal. it does play classical music which we like to reinforce! Sep 20, 2016

  • My son loves music and this was a great gift. We keep it in the car so he has something to do on long car rides. Sep 13, 2016

  • Fun fun fun, I like that it has a spanish option. Jun 29, 2016

  • I personally love this toy. Baby might just be a little too young to enjoy it fully though. May 12, 2016

  • 4 month old baby loves this! Some of the things are too old for him but he will be entertained as he grows into them. Feb 13, 2016

  • 3 settings, plays classical music which I actually really enjoy, recites numbers and animals. Also plays animal sounds Jan 22, 2016

  • . Jul 17, 2015

    • Amy W.
    • United States of America

    Love the classical music it plays and not the typical baby music. Also plays animal noises which is great for learning. Jul 13, 2015

    • Cara S.
    • Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

    This is my sons absolute favorite toy. He loves to push the buttons, see the lights and hear the music. It is great that it has 2 volume settings and 3 languages Mar 16, 2015

    • Kara S.
    • Silver Spring, Maryland

    Love this-my baby loves the music and lights-keeps her entertained for a good period of time! Sep 04, 2014

    • Ragon D.
    • Los Angeles , California

    My daughter loves this. Aug 21, 2014

  • Baby loves to watch the lights and "compose" his own songs on the this keyboard. Sometimes I even bust out a little Mary had a Little Lamb on it. Aug 20, 2014

    • Sue E.
    • Medway, Massachusetts

    My son likes this and it's pretty portable which is nice. It was a good first toy for him since the keys are soft. Aug 18, 2014

    • Jenny M.
    • United States of America

    My boys never seemed interested in this. It has a short or something wrong with it and cuts out in between songs even with brand new batteries. May 20, 2014

    • Hanaa R.
    • Washington, District of Columbia

    There are 2 toys that would always make the kiddo stop screaming. This is one. The music is not annoying. This was great between 5-11 months and would keep him entertained for a while. Mar 06, 2014

  • Got one of these to keep at grandma's house and had to buy another for home she liked it so much Mar 04, 2014

  • First toy Audrey showed interest in. She was about 3 months old. She smashed the horn button over and over. Even at 16 months she loves this toy. Feb 28, 2014