• Very easy to installed. Jan 03, 2018

  • You really can't beat this quality for the price! My son sits very comfortably in this seat and sleeps through almost every car ride. Way better than the even flow we purchased before! Oct 20, 2017

  • Love this! Baby is never too hot in this and it's so easy to use and clean! The weight limit is 30lbs and height is 30inches, so you have enough time to get through that initial infant stage. Oct 18, 2017

    • Maria P.
    • United States of America

    It's easy to clip the baby in and out. And it's not that heavy of a car seat Sep 01, 2017

  • It seemed roomier than the Snugride 22. At 1, my daughter still had room to grow. Jul 24, 2017

  • Its a nice car seat. Easy to install. No problems tightening the straps. Jul 03, 2017

  • This product is okay. I bought this because it is narrow and I have three carseats in my care. The only problem I have is the latch to get it off the base. It gets stuck at times. Jun 27, 2017

  • The car seat lacks proper head support for newborns. My child's head was always slouched to one side. It's pretty heavy and sometimes it's hard to get out of the base. Other than that it works. Apr 04, 2017

  • Lack of head/body support. Baby's head kept flopping around and would tilt at an uncomfortable angle. Not the best choice for preemie/small newborns. Also the seat is very heavy before adding baby. Mar 20, 2017

  • Very simple to install. It's a nice size, comes in many colors, and it's easy to take off for cleaning. Mar 07, 2017

  • Loved my first graco car seats, but haven't used this one yet, will be for the soon to be Feb 14, 2017

    • Alice C.
    • Burlington, Massachusetts

    Debated between whether to get the Snugride 35 or 30 but ultimately was glad I got the 30. Much lighter and babies tend to outgrow them by height before they ever reach the max weight. Dec 07, 2016

  • This is a great carseat and so convenient when switching between vehicles, whether you have two bases or not. Oct 05, 2016

  • This isn't a bad car seat but it isn't my favorite either. It fits in our cars really well but my son seems to sweat really bad in it compared to his old car seat. Aug 25, 2016

  • Easy to carry and very sturdy Apr 03, 2016

  • easy to carry, easy to clean and easy to take in and out of the car. Feb 09, 2016

    • J F.
    • Milwaukee, New York

    Ease and durability of product. We have used for 2 so far and hope to get through another little one this year before it expires! Jan 23, 2016

  • Super light car seat! We had to get this because we got a 4moms stroller. It arrived today and I love the look and it's not heavy at all! Jan 22, 2016

    • Nadia A.
    • Woodbridge, New Jersey

    Love it! Purchased two from Amazon for a really good price. Could use a tad bit more cushion but seems to be very comfy. Boys don't mind being in it Jan 21, 2016

  • so lightweight and safe. we got in a head on wreck going 50 a nd other going 70 when my daughter was 1month old and she was unharmed. so thankful for this seat saving her Jan 14, 2016

  • This was a great starter seat for my son. He's on the small side and fit in it until he was 15 months. We loved that it could be used without the base. We've also been using it for our second son. Jul 25, 2015

  • - May 11, 2015

  • You will never use this to 35lbs! I got b/c I figured it would last us a while,& we did squeeze my poor child into it until 16mo, but I could barely lift it at that point and it was really silly. Jan 27, 2015

    • Anne H.
    • United States of America

    This is one of the lightest infant seats and is fantastic! We've had no issues. I wondered if I should have spent more, but no - this is a wonderful seat Jan 03, 2015

  • My son ran hot all the time and this had a great blend of comfort and keeping him cool at the same time. He often fell asleep in it and would stay asleep. Also light enough to lug up stairs in my apt. Dec 05, 2014

    • Cara D.
    • San Francisco, California

    The straps aren't long enough and the release button was hard enough to make me swear every time I unloaded my son. The fabric feels hot and cheap, too. Oct 08, 2014

  • Not my favorite seat, but a solid and affordable choice for what is honestly a relatively short period of time. Least favorite part: the fabric, which makes my baby really sweaty. Oct 04, 2014

  • We were happy with the seat, but found the buckle and straps pretty challenging to useā€¦it took longer than it should have to get him in and out, so we switched to the convertible car seat early. Oct 01, 2014

  • easy, cute. My son did outgrow it in length before weight-his shoulders were too broad for the opening at 28 inches long. Sep 30, 2014

  • I definitely love this seat!!! It has worked perfectly. The only fix would be some Velcro or something to hold shoulder straps to the sides as you put baby in. Also- the release button is tough. Aug 24, 2014

  • It does the job just fine. No regrets, no raves. Aug 18, 2014

  • This car seat works great and is easy to get several bases to put in our cars and grandma's, too Aug 16, 2014

  • I like this because it is a good solid infant seat, has served us well, no problems. Easy to install and get in and out. Aug 10, 2014

  • Easy to connect/detach from base. Not too heavy. Comfortable since my son always fell asleep in it. Buckle was hard to push at times but I received a new buckle when they did recall. Jul 31, 2014

  • This car seat serves its purpose. My daughter will sleep in it. I find the straps are sometimes uneven and I have to really push the clips into the center buckle. Jul 29, 2014

  • Not the heaviest car seat sold which is a good thing. Serves our needs well. Baby loves to sleep in it in the car so it must be comfortable. Jun 03, 2014

  • great for newborn. we dont have our own car so for the limited times we use it, it's perfect. May 12, 2014

  • Haven't actually used it yet, so I'll update once I know more! It was very affordable and still have great safety ratings, which is perfect for a car-seat that will only last for the infant period! May 12, 2014

  • i hated this seat Apr 29, 2014

  • I love this carseat Apr 03, 2014

  • really good seat and lasted well over a year in rear-facing. Mar 28, 2014

  • The buckle to strap the baby in is incredibly hard to get undone. It's like you need super human strength. It is nice that it disconnects from the base and you can carry it around. Feb 20, 2014

  • Very hard to unsnap. Should be recalled Feb 13, 2014

  • Nothing fancy, but the adjustable straps are a must for getting little ones in and out easily. An affordable and safe option. Feb 13, 2014

  • Just ok. The straps always got tangled and the material isn't soft enough. But it's very safe, easy enough to carry, and the baby sleeps well in it. I will try another brand next time but it was fine. Feb 13, 2014

  • I miss our B is for Bear seat. Our daughter was very safe in it and we lugged it everywhere. Now we've passed it on to her almost here little cousin. Memories and safety. Feb 04, 2014

  • My baby was just over 6lbs at birth and this was still a little big. Love that it disconnects from base, makes it easy getting in and out. Extra bases are pricey though. Adjusts for all vehicles. Feb 03, 2014