• I love that you can tilt one side so a smaller baby can use it. Great for a small San Francisco apartment with little space. Collapses nicely. Sep 26, 2018

  • Very hard to bath a newborn because there’s no sling or something to hold them up. Sep 24, 2018

  • I don’t regret getting this tub but it wasn’t right for us. It’s only functional for a very short period of time! Aug 31, 2018

    • Amy A.
    • Boston, Massachusetts

    This is one of my favorite products to recommend. We are tight on space in our home and having a collapsible yet high quality tub for my son has been so helpful in not feeling overrun with gear. Jun 05, 2018

  • Love this tub, was so easy to convert from a reclined baby tub, to a flat toddler tub. It collapses into a flat tub you can hang from a door when not in use. May 22, 2018

  • Our apt only had a shower when I had my son and this served as his own mini tub, as an infant the reclined position was perfect too. Now we have a tub but still got this for baby #2 bc we loved it so Mar 22, 2018

    • A. M.
    • SAN FRANCISCO, California

    The tub is super shallow, so to get enough water to somewhat keep the baby warm, their face was super close to the water. Our baby really hated being cold and kept sliding down. Feb 24, 2018

  • Love, love, love this tub. Easy to collapse and hang (has a hook on the back). Keeps baby comfortable, shallow (once they start splashing we used this placed in our tub). Doesn't take up any space. Feb 19, 2018

    • Tanya T.
    • United States of America

    I love that it can be easily stored but your baby will slide down whether they wiggle or not. Wish there was some kind of grip or better support for newborns. Works for both sink or tub. Feb 18, 2018

  • Used for both kids and love it! Fits perfectly on the bathroom counter over the sink or in the tub. You can angle it and change it as they grow. We store it hanging on the Shower rod and recommend it! Jan 14, 2018

  • Not stable enough, great space saver but doesn't really work properly. Jan 10, 2018

  • This tub is only good when the baby can sit up by themselves; until then you are stuck propping them up with one hand and washing with the other. Jan 09, 2018

    • Mel W.
    • Kingston , Canada

    I liked this and have kept it for future children, but I didn't love it as much as I was hoping. I like that you can adjust one side so baby is a little propped up. Has a hook so it can hang, but fell Dec 20, 2017

  • This is great for when my daughter wasn't big enough for the bathtub but didn't like laying down in the infant tub. Oct 25, 2017

  • great space saver for small spaces. we liked this tub a lot, but still preferred to use our puj sink tub for as long as we could to avoid bending over in tub. Oct 24, 2017

  • Great to be able to put on the counter and not have to bend over into the tub. Stores very conveniently. Oct 22, 2017

  • Great for a small apartment! We use it for bath time and during the summer as a small pool in the yard! Oct 06, 2017

    • Ally K.
    • Knoxville, Tennessee

    I love that this packs down so you can store it and isn't as bulky as a lot of other tubs. Oct 05, 2017

  • It's collapsible, the legs fold in, and it has a hook to hang it up. It fits perfectly in the utility room in our bathroom! Sep 28, 2017

  • The only bathtub you can use on a newborn. it grows with the baby as you can transform it to regular tub. Great storage solution for condo and small space or minimalism as it is fordable. Jun 28, 2017

  • I actually really loved this. Baby is big enough we do. It need to use the tub any more. Some of the plastic bits broke off pretty easy but it still worked fine. Jun 01, 2017

  • Super simple design, no unnecessary bells and whistles. Love how it collapses and can simply hang on the back of the bathroom door to dry. Plenty of room for your growing child and their bath toys. May 10, 2017

    • Cami C.
    • United States of America

    Collapsible, reclines, and is easy to clean! Apr 17, 2017

    • Amy N.
    • Fort Worth, Texas

    I love how it folds up and is good for use in an apartment. Loved how it hung up, but the hook broke and now it doesn't :( Jan 30, 2017

    • Eva D.
    • Flushing, New York

    love how to folds flat to store easily behind bathroom door. my 3mo keeps sliding down in the half tilt position, which is a little annoying. wish it sat her up more. Jan 11, 2017

  • Love it Dec 30, 2016

    • Mary N.
    • san jose, California

    I regretted getting this. It is wobbly on its legs and my baby did not feel secure in it, we had to return it. Dec 28, 2016

  • Love this Nov 15, 2016

  • Nice sized bathtub that you're able to adjust and use from newborn on. Collapses for easy storage. I'm able to hang it on a hook and keep it out of the way in my small Brooklyn apartment. Perfect! Nov 11, 2016

  • Perfect for small spaces. I have three tubs and this is not my favorite. That being said, it's perfect for travel and SO EASY to store. Nov 08, 2016

  • Perfect for bathing the baby on our bathroom counter! I put a bath sponge in there to minimize slipping. Oct 07, 2016

  • I love this tub. For a newborn, we would put this on the counter or floor and bathe her. We often put this in our master shower and let her sit, bathe, and play. I like that it hangs and is compact. Oct 05, 2016

  • Initially it was awkward to use with a newborn because my baby slipped around in it. I bought a bath sponge to place at the bottom and have loved it ever since. Love the size and that it's collapsible Oct 04, 2016

  • Love that it folds down for easy storage in my small condo, but found it really didn't work well for a newborn. Aug 16, 2016

  • This bath tub is collapsible so it doesn't have to be stored awkwardly, high quality and comfy for baby! May 20, 2016

  • It's nice that it collapses so we can easily store it when we are done, but it's a bit pricey and not amazing. It can be difficult to keeplay my 3 month old in the right position. May 12, 2016

    • Leigh H.
    • Virginia Beach, Virginia

    This doesn't have any support for babies. It is a nice travel tub because it collapses for travel or easy storage. but not user friendly I was nervous the whole time. Used once, never again. Apr 26, 2016

  • Once you've mastered taking it apart it's so easy to clean and put away each night. Great starter tub! Mar 06, 2016

  • I thought it was expensive, but it is worth the $ Feb 19, 2016

  • perfect tub if you are trying to save space Jan 24, 2016

    • Leah L.
    • Alexandria, Virginia

    This tub is easy to use and love that is collapsible. For newborns, we added a foam tub cushion to keep our little one from sliding and it worked perfectly. It also helps keep them warm. Nov 30, 2015

  • Its big - so you need a big countertop. Plus, its hard to get the legs to stand up the way you want them to (at an incline or not). We used it maybe 5 times. Jul 31, 2015

  • Love that it's collapsible and no crevices to clean. However - one of the legs completely broke after only a few months of use. Jul 30, 2015

  • Love this tub! But baby grew out of it at 6 months Jul 20, 2015

  • I just bought this because my daughter didn't fit into her infant tub anymore. She has freedom to move around and sit without anything impeding her. Wish tub was taller-water at belly Button. Jun 03, 2015

    • Ali S.
    • Norwalk, Connecticut

    I like how it collapses and hangs from the back of the bathroom door, but baby grew out of it a little quickly. Feb 26, 2015

  • I like this a lot for apartment living and the look! Can fold and hang easily in bathroom. Can be slippery for a infant so you need to buy a infant insert sponge to make it work. Feb 23, 2015

  • I like that this is space-saving and used it for 4 months before my baby slipped when I put him in one night. I may use it again for travel when he can sit up, but I strongly prefer a tub with a seat. Jan 27, 2015

  • Such a great tub! Stylish and easy to set up and put away. Love that it collapses for small spaces! Transitions easily for reclined infant to sitting babe as well. Slippery though, add a mat or grips. Nov 10, 2014

    • Ellen K.
    • San Francisco, New York

    Our little guy loves this tub. We love that we can put it up on our counter and save our backs. Oct 09, 2014