• LOVE! Don't leak at ALL. They also don't drip in your baby's mouth. Only release milk if they're actively sucking. Helped our baby's reflux issues so much. Jun 18, 2024

  • The perfect bottles. We absolutely loved using these, they were easy to clean, my son took to them from day one even while we were also breastfeeding too. Jun 01, 2024

  • Easy to clean and perfect design for when baby starts to hold their own bottle May 27, 2024

    • Kim T.
    • Grand Prairie, Texas

    We used this for both of my babies! The easiest one to clean and you can find replacement nipples at any major retailer. May 06, 2024

  • Baby loved it and easy to use and clean. May 03, 2024

  • These are the only bottles my daughter will use for feeding and she's very picky. I had trouble bottle feeding her before especially switching between breastfeeding and bottle often. Must buy! May 02, 2024

    • D O.
    • Roselle park, New Jersey

    My daughter loves these, my son not so much. I guess it just depends on the kid. I liked them though I thought they were good bottles. Well made, easy to clean Apr 13, 2024

  • I use these for my son and my daughter 5 years ago! They don’t leak when they fall over or tipped upside down Apr 06, 2024

    • Zi Y.
    • Marlton, New Jersey

    Baby's favorite bottles. Apr 02, 2024

  • I use the anti colic breast like nipple. My EBF baby had ZERO problems transitioning to this at 8 months old! Mar 04, 2024

  • We tried many different types of bottles for our little guy - these worked the best for him! Easy to wash and put back together. Feb 26, 2024

  • Loved these for my breastfed babies but next time I’ll be getting glass. Noticed scratches in the plastic from all the washing. Feb 23, 2024

  • Love these bottles! The natural response nipple only releases milk when the baby sucks, mimicking breastfeeding. Highly recommend for breastfed babies. Jan 29, 2024

  • These bottles are amazing for combination feeding and my baby absolutely loves them. She won’t take any other bottle. Jan 26, 2024