• This was probably one of my favorite sleep sacks so light and roomy for my hot little sleeper Jun 01, 2022

  • We love Muslin swaddles! Light weight and super comfy. May 19, 2022

  • Loved this sack with Muslim Fabric and I really like this brand. I would recommend for toddlers who keep uncovering at night May 03, 2022

    • Megan W.
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    These are amazing. So cozy, beautiful prints, soft fabric and the zippers are really high quality in my experience. Make awesome gifts, too. Apr 24, 2022

  • Nice for baby when it was warmer but still too young for blanket. Dec 28, 2021

    • Margo H.
    • United States of America

    Favorite swaddle! Super light weight and soft. Perfect for summer Oct 27, 2021

  • the perfect thickness to keep baby warm but not too hot. We have multiple sizes and continue to use it even with our 14 month old. Oct 13, 2021

  • These are great wearing blankets. Highly recommend Oct 10, 2021

  • I have a couple but since I live in a warm climate, I have not used it yet. Aug 23, 2021

  • comes in so handy & absolutely love these l, need more Jul 13, 2021

    • Nora G.
    • Rio Grande City, Texas

    I loved these and my son slept comfortable in them. It helped me safe sleep in the colder nights as well Jul 08, 2021

    • T P.
    • Astoria, New York

    The perfect sleep sack for those warm summer months. May 19, 2021

  • Absolutely LOVE this brand, they make over the top products that lasts and they’re cute and reasonably priced May 13, 2021

  • These are soft and cozy just like the swaddle blankets! Apr 30, 2021

  • These are great for the warm summer months. They are just as soft as the swaddle blankets and do not shrink in the wash. They are light weight and come in a bunch of fun patterns. Apr 28, 2021

  • We used this on the warmer nights because he was used to sleeping in a sack but I would think it’s useful on a cold night. Mar 08, 2021

  • Love this. The material is light weight for warm weather Feb 04, 2021

  • Great for a warmer weather sleep sack! Feb 04, 2021

  • Keeps my babes just warm and comforted enough after the swaddling phase. Jan 03, 2021

  • Super soft, great for keeping babe warm after they’re out of a swaddle! Nov 16, 2020

  • Lightweight, perfect for summer nights in Arizona Nov 04, 2020

  • The material is really soft and warming.. perfect for a newborn to sleep in warmth.. Oct 01, 2020

  • Super soft material and beatable. We have a sweaty baby and this was great! Aug 28, 2020

  • So soft and light weight. Great for summer time or warm nights. Aug 23, 2020

    • Jen d.
    • Stittsville , Canada

    Love the fabric of these sleepsacks! And such cute patterns Aug 19, 2020

    • Emma C.
    • Prince George, Canada

    This sleep sack is perfect for hot summer days. It is very breathable but adds that extra layer of comfort for baby. Aug 17, 2020

  • we love our sleep sack! Our daughter is obsessed and still wearing hers at almost 3 Aug 15, 2020

    • Katie T.
    • North Garden, Virginia

    Lightweight material which is good for summertime. Aug 01, 2020

  • Although the fabric is nice quality, the neck space was too small for my child and I was always worried the zipper was going to pinch! Other than that I liked it. Apr 07, 2020

  • Only used this sporadically with one of my kids because the bottom is loose. I felt that he woke up more often with this than another sleeper. A positive is that it's light. Feb 26, 2020

  • It’s lightweight and for warmer weather. It’s easy to get baby in and out . I highly recommend. Feb 19, 2020

  • A must have for warmer climates in the summer! Keeps wee ones comfy and they can’t kick it off! Feb 12, 2020

  • Need these for safe sleep! They are the perfect weight and help alleviate some of the sids fears during the first year. Feb 02, 2020

  • They just didn't hold up or last, so sad but they feel so soft. Jan 30, 2020

  • I liked the light weight muslin material for the hot summer nights. Jan 17, 2020

  • Possibly my favorite baby accessory of all time. So soft and breathable in the summer and great for layering without over heating in winter. I love that it comes in larger sizes as well. Jan 05, 2020

  • The material is soft but doesn’t wash well, shrinks a lot. The hole for their head is very large too so makes me worry about the child sliding into the sack. Jan 03, 2020

  • It’s soft and the idea is good but it snags easily so for that price tag in not a huge fan. Nov 22, 2019

  • One of the only things my youngest would wear to sleep! Oct 31, 2019

  • Perfect for a spring or summer sleep sack. We use various ones year round but this one is so soft and light weight. They last a while too! Oct 31, 2019

    • Erin B.
    • Erie, Pennsylvania

    We dont have to worry about the baby getting cold at night. Also dont have to worry about a blanket getting on the baby face. Oct 30, 2019

  • This sleep sack is made up of a very breathable material. It also keeps my little one warm and I love the safety that sleep sacks provide. Oct 07, 2019

    • Eri C.
    • United States of America

    It's a great breathable wearable blanket for summer! Oct 01, 2019