• They are fairly thick, though very absorbent. Fine around the house, but look lumpy for going out. I prefer reusable nursing pads. Jan 03, 2020

  • Love this product! Ive tried several brands and medela has been the most comfortable when absorbing milk. They stick better than other brands. Oct 03, 2019

  • I don't really leak, so I used them for only the first week postpartum. They kept my milk from leaking through my shirt, but they also easily moved around. Jul 19, 2019

    • Amy P.
    • Guttenberg, Iowa

    Best disposable nursing bra pads I have used. These absorb well and do not leave a cotton residue like other pads I have tried. Apr 29, 2019

  • Got it as a gift. Will never buy. Itchies nipples and doesn’t stay on right. Apr 28, 2019

  • i prefer the cotton reusable pads, any of the disposable ones ive tried have made my skin itch Apr 16, 2019

  • These are not soft and show their crease under bras unless they are well-padded bras. Mar 28, 2019

  • These nursing pads are very aborbent and keep me dry all day. I do prefer reusable pads for at home but they get soaked easily so these are great for when you’re out and about. Mar 01, 2019

  • These are great. Hold a lot and prevent leaks! Feb 21, 2019

    • Ariel O.
    • United States of America

    Not very absorbent and do not stick good they move way too much Feb 08, 2019

  • Work great, keep you from having leaking accidents. Jan 27, 2019

  • No sticky back so they have to free hang in your bra. Will easily stick to leaky nipples. Painful to remove when they do! Large size is nice for larger chests but unnecessary for me. Jan 25, 2019

  • best. pads. ever. no leakage and they stay in place. great shape to fit all boob sizes Jan 15, 2019

  • I leaked out of these every time. Not a fan of the backing and the sticky portion never held to my clothes. Jan 14, 2019

  • They are pretty good at absorbing milk but don't stay in place and fold up and stick when breastfeeding. They look a little lumpy and can be seen through the shirt. Dec 29, 2018

  • I loved these. No one wants to leak in their shirt in public. These were a necessity. Nov 02, 2018

  • for some odd reason, overtime i use this pad it give me rash on my nipples and my breast Oct 19, 2018

  • These came in very handy and i love how comfortable they are. I used them all the time. Use and then toss. Sep 27, 2018

  • At home these aren't bad to use but they can be noticed under nursing tanks and with unpadded bras so I don't just love these. Sep 19, 2018

    • Lisa R.
    • Heathsville, Virginia

    Didn't like these, showed through clothes and wouldn't stay flat. Sep 06, 2018

  • These are so much better than the Lansinoh ones. The Medela ones are curved and fit around the breast better. Aug 29, 2018

  • These move around quite a bit in your bra. But they do absorb a lot and can be easily hidden under your bra and shirt. Aug 26, 2018

  • They do the job but they’re so bulky and are very obvious underneath your clothes, but I do like they’re individually wrapped and they don’t seem to bunch up as bad as other brands. Aug 12, 2018

  • Have been great to have, easy to take extra in diaper bag and cannot be seen through my bra or shirt. Have not tried other brands. Aug 07, 2018

  • Didn’t hate them, didn’t love them. They were just okay. They didn’t stick to my shirts like I thought they would or stay in place either. Aug 02, 2018

  • Best disposable pads! They are more absorbent than any of the others I tried. Jul 31, 2018

  • They are so thin and scratchy. They also tend to move around a lot causing leakage. Jul 28, 2018

  • These are extremely helpful at night when I go long periods without feeding baby, they are very absorbent. Jul 22, 2018

  • I love them. They were comfortable and lasted a long time. I just wish they were more easier to find in stores rather than always having to order them online. Jun 13, 2018

  • These were soft and discreet! May 30, 2018

  • work great but nothing to store them on to re use May 18, 2018

  • I really like how absorbent these pads are! Apr 13, 2018

    • Anh N.
    • East Providence, Rhode Island

    I don't like it. It does't stick to your bra and it collects dust. Apr 12, 2018

    • Amy C.
    • Allendale, New Jersey

    Works well and less expensive than Lansinoh! I use these exclusively. Mar 23, 2018

  • I swear by these. I wear them every day for the last 7 months. These have saved me from any leaking Mar 19, 2018

  • Nice for on the go, but I prefer reusable pads. Feb 18, 2018

  • Scratchy paper on sore nipples is not a good combination! Save yourself the discomfort and money and buy some reusable fabric ones. Feb 18, 2018

  • Helped with leaking but wasn't sticky enough and would not stay put at night Feb 07, 2018

  • All pads are fairly similar but I liked the size of medela's pads - I would use them in the future. The only issue I found was that sometimes the fold crease created bumps in my nursing tanks w/o bra Feb 06, 2018

    • Angela P.
    • Spring Lake, North Carolina

    Just get them. Pop them in, and go your way Feb 05, 2018

  • 2 pairs are included w/Medela Tote Bag. Perks of having medical insurance that will offer it to you for free. It’s thicker than most pads & feels soft. Absorbs nicely. I can rely on adhesive to stick. Jan 25, 2018

    • Meg E.
    • Arlington, Virginia

    Don't stick to you and don't leak! Dec 28, 2017

    • Dawn S.
    • LEE'S SUMMIT, Missouri

    I have these and for the most part I think they work pretty good. My chest gets somewhat hot when using them though. Nov 10, 2017

    • Lauren M.
    • Joint Base MDL, New Jersey

    I have a pretty big leak problem, especially at night & these have saved me countless times. I also never feel exceedingly wet when I do fill these up! Lifesavers for the first few months of EBF. Oct 23, 2017

  • dose good to stop the leak through Oct 20, 2017

    • Kate M.
    • Trempealeau, Wisconsin

    Not super comfortable and didn't sit very well under my shirt. Oct 19, 2017

  • They work in a pinch, but I prefer the washable to disposable. Oct 19, 2017

  • Very absorbent Oct 18, 2017

    • Ashley M.
    • North hollyood, California

    Useful for leakage ! Sep 20, 2017

  • They didn't work out for me much, I was leaking the milk. Aug 25, 2017