• Ally K.
    • Knoxville, Tennessee

    I love these. They don't break like some plastic trays and the ice cubes stay whole when you pop them out. Oct 05, 2017

  • These are great for freezing baby food! They clean really easily which is nice too! Sep 25, 2017

  • Great for making breastmilk ice pops. Sep 19, 2017

    • Jen R.
    • 06082, Connecticut

    Food comes out very easily, but I wish there was a cover for this tray. Aug 01, 2017

  • Great to freeze the food you make for your little one Jul 31, 2017

  • Super easy to remove frozen baby food from. No sticking! Jul 12, 2017

  • So easy to use! It doesn't stick to the molding! No more struggle and banging the pan to get them out! May 09, 2017

  • Great idea for freezing homemade baby food. It's much more flexible than an ice tray and makes getting baby food out a little easier. Mar 28, 2017

  • I make all my own baby food so these are perfect for freezing the food in! Makes a perfect portion for my little one and easy to use and clean! Mar 17, 2017

  • I used these to store homemade baby food and purchased from Amazon. The only issue with these is they didn't come with a cover and that would have been more beneficial. Mar 07, 2017

  • The ice cube size is great Oct 05, 2016

  • I've been really happy with this. Makes a perfect size portion to thaw! Aug 05, 2016

  • I don't love or hate this product. Pros: great serving portions to pop out, easy to clean. Cons: freezer burn on the food. Each time the lid comes off the food is covered in ice crystals. Not a fav. Aug 02, 2016

  • This is great for freezing portions of food. They freeze well and its easy to take them out to store in ziploc. Now that she's done with baby food I use them to freeze portions of sauce. Jun 23, 2016

    • Tyla T.
    • Overland Park, Kansas

    This product is convenient but cubes are more difficult to get out than traditional ice cube tray, whether it's ice or food that is being stored! Mar 02, 2016

  • Works the same as ice cube trays, which you get for cheaper. Not a necessary thing to have. Feb 09, 2016

    • Jenny A.
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    I liked this for freezing portions of homemade baby food. I found the tray to not be very sturdy with some of the inner dividers tearing when removing frozen cubes. Jan 24, 2016

  • A life saver if you want to make your own baby food! They don't absorb smells or colors. I've made spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken and more and they're still in great shape 2 years later. Jan 20, 2016

  • Worked great for freezing the perfect amount of pureed food but was difficult popping them out. Nov 10, 2015

  • Essential for baby food making and storage Oct 02, 2015

  • Pour, spread and freeze. That quick. Jun 11, 2015

    • Maren T.
    • United States of America

    Ice cube tray is just as useful for freezing baby food. Jan 20, 2015

  • Perfect for storing your homemade items. Pop out a few each meal, perfect portion sizes! Dec 07, 2014

  • makes perfect 1 oz cubes of food. Nov 19, 2014

  • Great for purees. Just pop a couple into a container and go and food is thawed when she's ready to eat. Jul 23, 2014

  • i LOVE these. use them for everything-baby and non-baby related. Apr 24, 2014

  • Super easy to remove homemade mush from. Inexpensive, compact, and overall a top favorite in my baby collection Apr 21, 2014

  • great for mking my own baby food purees. i would just us a press and seal to cover and freeze. then i would take out of tray and store in a ziplock to keep food in freezer Mar 01, 2014

  • Haven't used these often because we haven't being doing a lot of purees, but they work fine. Feb 20, 2014

  • I have this, but I don't know why. Must have been in a subscription box. I don't even know what to do with it. Feb 12, 2014

  • great for freezing/storing baby food Feb 05, 2014

  • Works well to freeze single portions of baby food. It can be difficult to get the cubes out once frozen though. Feb 05, 2014

  • useful. Jan 28, 2014

  • Hard to get out. Use ice cube trays Jan 10, 2014

  • great for making and freezing your own food! Easy to get the cubes out! Oct 25, 2013

  • When I'm not making baby food in this, I'm freezing herbs. The cubes are a perfect size. Sep 26, 2013