• We spent a lot of money on teethers. Wish we had found these ones first! Our son was able to get them all the way back to his molars and loved chewing on it. He finally stopped chewing his fingers. Mar 26, 2018

  • Love these, they are great because they can’t gag with the wider part around the handle. Jan 29, 2018

  • My toddlers loved these when they were getting their back molars in. I would throw them in the freezer for a little while to get them cold as well. Jan 14, 2018

    • A K.
    • Lawndale, California

    Great teethers. Jan 04, 2018

  • Now that baby's teeth are really coming in, he uses these gum massagers all the time! I love the design with the cup that keeps the tip from touching the ground if dropped. Dec 20, 2017

    • Jenn B.
    • Overland Park, Kansas

    Ah-mazing way to help little ones who want to gnaw on their fingers for those pesky molars (and once they've already gotten a tooth or two). Protect yourself from being bitten! May 17, 2017

  • Absolutely wonderful! My son is having a rough time teething right now and his gums hurt everywhere. This little thing has been a lifesaver with him. He can use it to chew exactly where it hurts! Mar 10, 2017

    • Kasia L.
    • United States of America

    i like this, but found myself always worried that they will stick it too far into their mouth. Did not like to let them play unsupervised, now they have other similar designs that prevent that concern Nov 16, 2016

    • Sara E.
    • 06032, Connecticut

    My daughter loves these!! Great for getting at the back molars. I bought maybe ten of them. One for each car, the house, diaper bag and grandparents. i seriously wouldn't survive teething with out the Nov 08, 2016

  • Got these for my second baby while travelling and she LOVE to chomp on them all the time. Oct 19, 2016

  • Easy for baby to grasp and teaches baby (get used to) the concept of brushing their teeth. May 10, 2016

  • My daughter enjoyed these during teething. They are easy to hold. Apr 20, 2016

  • This was given to us by out OT for my son when he was having problems with textures in his mouth. Jan 27, 2016

  • Played with instead of used it Jan 20, 2016

  • My son loves these! Didn't go over well until he was over 6/7 months, but now crawls around with one when he's in pain. Update: at 2 years old, he still uses it! We call it his tooth stick. Dec 23, 2015

  • We are still using these at 26 months old! They have been a staple in out home and diaper bag since LO's first teeth at 6 months. I also love that they come in a two pack! Oct 08, 2015

  • Wonderful chew toys! Oct 02, 2015

  • While I loved these, my son found them to be terrific drool-flingers! :) Jul 13, 2015

  • My son really started using this when his molars started coming in. One of the few teethers I found that easily reaches his back teeth. May 09, 2015

  • My daughter loved chewing on these when she was teething. Feb 27, 2015

  • My son loved these for teething! Feb 04, 2015

  • So far the favorite teething toy for our little guy, he absolutely loves it! Nov 10, 2014

  • He has chocked himself several times. A hazard but he likes to chew on the ends, not the soft side. Oct 28, 2014

  • My son loved these, easy for him to hold and gum away! Oct 08, 2014

  • Really good for teething babies and to get them used to the idea of a toothbrush. Oct 05, 2014

  • My daughter is getting her back teeth and she LOVE these things. I dip them in a soothing natural teething oil and she goes to town. Instant relief Sep 30, 2014

  • my girl and both of my nephews loved these. great as teethers and even for early toothbrush holding practice too :) Aug 18, 2014

  • These are a big hit for theething Jul 28, 2014

  • My baby had no interest in these. Jul 24, 2014

  • She was never interested in this. Not sure why. Jul 23, 2014

  • It seems to be a nice design but daughter didn't seem to really take to this while teething. Jul 23, 2014

  • my boys love chewing on these with all their new teeth coming in! Jul 16, 2014

  • My LO loves these!! Just bought more... Jun 09, 2014

  • These are fantastic! My son started using them at 7 months. We take one everywhere we go. Jun 04, 2014

  • My lil guy loves sticking this in his mouth and at 5 months he's holding and controlling it on his own! A great relief for his little gums. Mar 25, 2014

  • These are great in theory because my son had "itchy" teeth. But he preferred the handle and would stick that in his mouth...and the handle is long enough to choke on! Mar 04, 2014

  • Emma loved these! So did I, like the fact that she can't choke herself with it! Feb 24, 2014

  • Only teether my baby would use. She would chew on this forever. The circular guard did break off after a few months of use, but other than that it was perfect. Feb 21, 2014

  • works great! Feb 05, 2014

  • My baby loves chewing on these and they really seem to help with teething pain. Unfortunately, these require close supervision because it's easy for my baby to stick the wrong end in his mouth. Jan 29, 2014

  • These are awesome! They are really great for chewing! Jan 14, 2014

  • These are good, but the bottom handle should have been made wider or something. My baby always sticks the wrong end in his mouth and gags Dec 17, 2013

    • Jill R.
    • Millbrook, New York

    A MUST HAVE!!! Nov 24, 2013

  • These are awesome! Oct 08, 2013

  • Great for baby to hold and chew at all times. can be used as early practice to brushing. Great for sore gums. Sep 30, 2013

    • Molly M.
    • United States of America

    baby needs to be super supervised with this, but anything that will help his teething pain is a win. Sep 24, 2013

  • Baby girls loves this thing Sep 20, 2013

  • AWESOME!!! Sep 08, 2013