• Best tub to put in the sink for newborns! Very secure and easy to clean! Jul 13, 2019

  • Perfect for bath time! This is great for transitioning baby from sink to bathtub. Baby feels supported and loves bath time! Jul 12, 2019

  • Ok but I don’t love it. I used it sink side with my newborn and I felt like she was always cold because water doesn’t pool underneath. I used the Moby warm up cuddler with the tub to help with this. Jul 11, 2019

    • Kelly C.
    • Queen creek , New York

    We have used this for both baby's! It has held up so well and it super easy to clean! Jul 08, 2019

  • The tub is supportive and comfortable for baby. It also dries so quickly! Plus it is lightweight and easy to hang with suction cup hook - perfect for small spaces. Jul 04, 2019

  • Best baby tub, of course you have to have a tub to use it and if your tub is high it might be difficult. Otherwise its perfect. baby stays submerged and not cold. I hang mine on a hook to dry. perfect Jun 18, 2019

  • Wish I had this tub for my first. Baby loves kicking the water. We love that it is a safe silicone sitting area that dries quickly. Jun 12, 2019

    • april m.
    • charlotte, North Carolina

    I much prefer the tub that surrounds the baby and that holds the water to keep her warm while bathing. Wasn't ready to just place this by itself in the tub without other support in early months. Jun 11, 2019

  • Pros- you can hang it up when you’re done using it & it dries completely unlike the sponge tubs. Cons- it’s cold! Once baby starts moving around they can easily boost over the end. Jun 11, 2019

  • My son is just getting the hang of sitting up. This allows him to sit in tub, feel the water around him, kick his feet and not fall! Jun 09, 2019

    • Sarah C.
    • Griswold , Connecticut

    Allows the baby to start In a large tub right away. Water and soap wash right through the holes. Softer than a traditional plastic tub. Jun 07, 2019

  • Love it! Fits in bathtub or large sink. Very soft and doesn't leave indentions in skin. Holes are excellent for water flow and best of all, the design is great for anti-mold/bacteria. Has warranty! Jun 05, 2019

  • We love this tub because it's easy to carry around. He fits perfect in it. It's the perfect size so it doesn't get in the way of anything. May 29, 2019

  • We loved this bath seat! It's been perfect ever since our son was a newborn and worked right until he started sitting on his own. You do have to fill the whole tub for this though. May 18, 2019

  • The only bath baby ended up liking. Kept him warm and stable in the water. May 17, 2019

    • Gina P.
    • Rancho Cucamonga , California

    This is great for newborns and babies a little Older. It provides much needed support for my LO during bath time and is easy to clean! May 16, 2019

  • Have this one for my little girl and its great! I love that its not bulky and easy to clean. May 15, 2019

  • I originally put this on my registry (and received it) but didnt end up liking it. I didn't feel like I could clean my baby fully as she slid down to the bottom (it was just awkward). May 11, 2019

  • Love it ! May 08, 2019

  • I enjoyed using this with my twins when they were infants. It was so easy to keep clean and I always felt they were safe while I bathed them. May 07, 2019

  • This was given to me as a hand me down. I love the product except when my daughter gets excited and is splashing around in the bathtub, it moves. I would prefer it if it stays in one place. May 06, 2019

    • Iris R.
    • Oroville, California

    It's nice because it's small and can be put away, but baby gets cold when sitting on it too long. May 01, 2019

  • Just purchased for my third child and not sure how I lived without it! No worry about rinsing our or getting mildew inside and baby sits comfortably in and out of the tub in it! Apr 30, 2019

  • I love that it’s lightweight but sturdy. It doesn’t really move when you’re bathing your baby. I love the holes so that water can go through. I love that it grows with your baby. Easy to maintain too Apr 24, 2019

  • We've been bathing our baby in this since she came home from the hospital. It's great! Apr 22, 2019

  • Love! My son absolutely loves bath time and we contribute that to this amazing tub! My friends have also purchased and everyone babies (and parents) love it! Apr 20, 2019

    • Ivy W.
    • Northport, Alabama

    Now that my little one loves bath time, this tub is perfect! I use it inside of the tub and it keeps her elevated perfectly but still able to kick and play and enjoy herself without all of the mess! Apr 17, 2019

  • Great tub accessory and it dries quickly! If you bathe your LO in the sink, this is rather large. It does fit in a farmhouse sink, but the space gets tight quickly, as they grow. Apr 13, 2019

  • Has been great since baby was a newborn until he can sit unassisted Apr 13, 2019

  • Once I had my second baby, I used this so I could give both of my boys baths. The shape is perfect. It’s soft enough while being sturdy at the same time. I used it until my baby was old enough to sit. Apr 09, 2019

  • My son has now outgrown this, but we LOVED it. He always seemed super comfortable while laying in it, and loved splashing his legs around in the water Apr 08, 2019

  • Great bath seat until about 6 months. My little kept sitting up and kicking his way out of the tub! Apr 08, 2019

  • My little guy must be a super kicker because he would kick himself right off this little bathtub! Apr 05, 2019

  • I wanted to love this bathtub since it was the first one I bought for my baby girl but it just didn’t work out. She kept slipping and I kept having to hold her - defeating the purpose of the bath tub. Apr 05, 2019

  • This bath support was great. Just put in the tub with a little water and you’re good to go. Baby always seemed comfortable too. Apr 04, 2019

  • love Apr 03, 2019

  • Great bath support and comfortable for baby. Apr 02, 2019

  • This is a product that I recommend to all new mamas! We are currently using the same exact one for our third baby that we used for our first two. It's lightweight, inexpensive, and super convenient! Apr 01, 2019

  • My baby is absolutely terrified of this Mar 14, 2019

    • Andrea C.
    • North Reading, Massachusetts

    Tried using this when baby first came home but didn't work for us. Baby didn't seem comfortable in it. Left him cold. Mar 13, 2019

  • I didn't like it. It's huge and weird shaped.I can't put it in the sink, too big.It holds no water. In the bathtub, it floats away even with the baby in it. My baby was 6 lbs.No good storage solution. Mar 04, 2019

  • Comfy place to bathe a little baby, and it's easily rinse-able when there is a "surprise" in the tub! Mar 04, 2019

  • Love this and how easy it is to wash baby in it Mar 03, 2019

  • The concept seems great, but didn't really like it. Didn't fit in the sink and baby hated it. Mar 03, 2019

  • My baby is a kicker! He has been since he was in the womb bath time has been so nice since he can kick away with out slipping anywhere! The plastic on the mesh isn’t hard but isn’t super soft It great Feb 27, 2019

  • LOVED this when my babe was small. Kept clean and was comfortable for her. Feb 23, 2019

  • Baby preferred this simple support instead of the multiple aged one. Shes almost 5 months and still loves it but I'm scared she might squirm out. It was extremely helpful while it lasted Feb 22, 2019

    • Devon F.
    • Sellersville, Pennsylvania

    Super lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Feb 22, 2019

    • Lena G.
    • San Diego, California

    This is handy to have, but don’t love how much space it takes up Feb 19, 2019

  • Perfect for newborns! No slipping around and so easy to clean. Though if you do have a longer baby, they may grow out of it quick and start kicking off the tub, trying to roll over as my daughter did. Feb 19, 2019