• My daughter loves these and now that she can do them herself, she loves showing her baby brother Mar 22, 2021

    • Nat L.
    • United States of America

    My 2 year old loves these puzzles. We go over them every day and he has learned the alphabet! Mar 01, 2021

  • Great puzzles Feb 25, 2021

  • These puzzles are a go-to fun game we can play that is also educational. The wooden pegs are easy for growing hands to handle. My biggest downside is the paint does seem to chip away with usage. Feb 16, 2021

  • Love these puzzles BUT if you child puts everything in their mouth I wouldn’t recommend since this is wood & not “sealed” the color comes off... can get ruined quickly. Feb 16, 2021

  • Great learning puzzles! My 3 yrs old loves all of them. Even my 15 month old is started to use them. Definitely recommend these. Feb 15, 2021

  • This is a great set of puzzles. Love that they are durable and made of wood. Also really like the pegs on the end of each piece. It helps toddler fingers to be able to pick them up and place them. Feb 03, 2021

    • Ermina M.
    • Sterling heights , Michigan

    My son is obsessed with these its been 8 months and he still plays with them Jan 22, 2021

  • We love these puzzles. They are fun, educational, and well made. Jan 09, 2021

  • These are great puzzles- so well made. My daughter loved puzzles and these were by far her favorites Dec 13, 2020

    • Amy D.
    • Stamford, Connecticut

    Love these! My son started with these around 18 months and learned so much before he was even 2. Now he can say all the letters and numbers and has a great understanding of alphabet and counting. Dec 05, 2020

  • We love using these puzzles to work on fine motor skills and also our numbers and letters. Oct 12, 2020

  • These wooden puzzles are the best for 2 year olds! My kids have loved doing these puzzles. They are high quality and can be used for multiple kids. Sep 28, 2020

  • Very knowledgable stuff.Helps alot a child in learning.I gifted to my niece and she loves this. Aug 24, 2020

  • Love this learning toy. Aug 18, 2020

  • My kid loves the wooden numbers and alphabets . He has learnt the numbers and alphabets very quickly with these puzzles May 14, 2020

    • Fran S.
    • Charlotte, North Carolina

    My son started these around 1.5 years old and knew his ABCs and colors by two. I think this is a great product and would definitely purchase again! Apr 14, 2020

  • Good for kids Apr 04, 2020

  • Love the quality of these. They have been a favorite here. Nice colors Mar 05, 2020

  • Great to practice motor skills Mar 05, 2020

  • We have several of these and my daughter loves them. We will continue to use them with our son when he is big enough. Mar 04, 2020

  • Great for motor skills! Be sure to wait to give these to baby until they're done putting everything in their mouths, they're made of wood and will come apart. Feb 24, 2020

    • Erica Q.
    • Saint Petersburg , Florida

    I always recommend these puzzles as gifts. They’re amazing, entertaining, colorful and engaging. Feb 16, 2020

  • My kids love these puzzles super cute and entertaining Feb 10, 2020

    • Erin C.
    • Vernon, Connecticut

    These puzzles are great for any age that the child can hold something. They are great to learn numbers, colors and how to fit things where they belong. Feb 08, 2020

  • These puzzles are what taught my son his letters and alphabet! Jan 27, 2020

  • We bought this set when she turned one and it still gets use to this day. She enjoys picking out which one she wants and dumping it on the floor to put it back together. It’s very well made. Jan 24, 2020

    • Dana B.
    • Aston, Pennsylvania

    My kid especially loves the numbers puzzle! Jan 03, 2020

  • I bought these when my daughter was 2 as she was really starting to get the hang of other shape wooden puzzles. The first colors and alphabet are definitely more advanced. But they are used well Jan 01, 2020

  • These puzzles are great for little hands! I love that they arent cheaply made and can withstand toddler tantrums and spills on the floor Dec 07, 2019

  • ok Nov 29, 2019

  • If your kids love puzzles I recommend these ones. The are sturdy and strong and work great as first puzzles due to their knobs. Love these! Nov 24, 2019

  • So much fun and knowing they are learning also is rewarding Oct 16, 2019

    • Keri G.
    • Hagerstown, Maryland

    Puzzles are fascinating for my toddler at the moment and these are her favorite, especially the colorful fish. Oct 10, 2019

    • Mimi R.
    • Monterey, California

    My daughter has played with this set from a year old to her current 3yo. It lasts and is well made, helping her learn letters and numbers too. Sep 18, 2019

  • Some of the best puzzles! Really helped my daughter learn colors numbers and letters. Sep 14, 2019

  • We love these puzzles. My daughter can easily grab them and loves to ply with these. A great learning toy! Aug 09, 2019

    • Erin N.
    • Hampstead, North Carolina

    Melissa and Doug make wonderful high quality puzzles that stand up to the most destructive of little ones! Have been using their puzzles for years with kids of varying cognitive and motor abilities Aug 04, 2019

    • Brook K.
    • United States of America

    My toddler loves these puzzles. They are great for helping reinforce colors, numbers and letters Jul 26, 2019

  • Cute, educational and sturdy. Only thing is the paper over the wooden pieces easily rips off. Other than that the puzzles are great. Jul 25, 2019

  • Great teaching tools for toddlers. Jul 14, 2019

  • Got these for my toddler to help practice his numbers and letters. Definitely recommend, my son spends hours with these. Can be easily cleaned with wipes and maintained well. Jun 29, 2019

  • Great for learning letters, colors and numbers. Little grabbers make it easy to maneuver pieces. Pieces are made with quality wood to last. Colors are vibrant. Jun 17, 2019

  • Great for teaching toddlers colors, numbers and letters. They love puzzles too. Jun 07, 2019

  • These puzzles are amazing and lasts a long time. We have had ours for 4 years and they are not pealing or anything. Such a great purchase. May 17, 2019

  • I love Melissa and Doug products! My son loves puzzles and I love the variety. They hold up nicely and are fun and educational! May 16, 2019

  • Ok puzzle. In my opinion too busy of a puzzle for a child to focus on the actual letter. Great for hand eye coordination though. Apr 10, 2019

  • Great puzzles for enthusiastic toddlers. Little pegs on each puzzle make them easy for small hands. Mar 20, 2019

  • Great bundle. The worst part is keeping track of all the pieces! Other than that, my son loves dumping the pieces off and putting them back on Feb 28, 2019

    • Katey C.
    • Union Grove, North Carolina

    I want to love this puzzle set, but the top colored layer peels off and scratches easily. It is not durable. But, my kids (and I) enjoy playing with and learning with them. Feb 22, 2019