• Great for catching dropped food when LO starts feeding themselves. Makes for easy clean up on the go or at home! Feb 27, 2017

  • We have TONS of these and use them daily. They do a great job of catching food in the pocket and are easy to launder. Both my infant and toddler use them! Feb 16, 2017

  • Our favorite bib for on the go! Love the adorable designs & that it folds into itself. Feb 11, 2017

  • These bibs are so cute, but I found them less practical than others. The neck hole was too large for my baby in the early eating months and the closure didn't hold up very well. Dec 06, 2016

    • Liz W.
    • Charleston, West Virginia

    Super cute bibs! We use these for all mealtimes. Pocket to catch dropped food. Wash up easily in dish water, line dry on dish rack. Oct 21, 2016

    • Kati F.
    • Galesburg, Michigan

    Very light and easy to fold up and throw in the diaper bag! Oct 04, 2016

  • The bib sometimes folds up in baby's face. Sep 18, 2016

    • Taryn W.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    hasn't held up well - even following washing instructions. prefer bib with a 'catcher' bowl for solids. Aug 23, 2016

  • Works pretty good wish it was a little larger Feb 17, 2016

    • Stacey C.
    • Swampscott , Massachusetts

    So lightweight and folds into its own pocket Dec 23, 2015

  • So cute but not realistic. Anything wet quickly soaks through bib. Oct 02, 2015

  • This ismy absolute favorite bib-the only one you need! It has good coverage, a pocket to catch tidbits, & it rinses clean & dries so quickly we use it for every meal. It folds into its own pocket too! Sep 29, 2015

  • I purchased several of these adorable animal bibs because I loved the convenience, how they fold up, and ease of use. However, the patterns all faded/cracked quickly which was disappointing. Jul 13, 2015

    • Emily S.
    • Doylestown, Pennsylvania

    This bib is easy to throw in the wash, however it is very light weight so I find my daughter pushing it aside while she is eating and then getting food on herself. Jun 15, 2015

  • Cute, durable and provide good coverage Mar 10, 2015

  • Velcro doesn't stick, pouch doesn't catch and I can't figure out how to fold it up to travel, as advertised. Dec 08, 2014

    • B B.
    • Canada

    My favourite bib. It stays on, cleans beautifully in the wash, has a pocket for spillage, and covers all of baby. Dec 02, 2014

  • Great to throw in diaper bag. Easy to wash. Oct 20, 2014

    • Cara D.
    • San Francisco, California

    Great for traveling. Easy to rinse, fast drying, and can cover a larger part of the chest than most bibs. Oct 08, 2014

  • WIPE-ABLE! Aug 13, 2014

  • This is cute and I like that it folds into a pocket, but it got worn out pretty quickly and the velcro stopped working well. Not worth the money. Jul 31, 2014

    • Amber I.
    • United States of America

    So far, so good. Jul 29, 2014

  • folds up really small, so great to throw in a diaper bag Jul 29, 2014

  • Maybe we didn't keep it dry enough, but ours molded quickly and we had to toss. Jun 17, 2014

  • I got this assuming it would be convenient for travel but it is no more compact or easily cleaned than a cloth bib. Wet or juicy food soak right through the thin material. May 02, 2014

  • Great for the diaper bag because they fold up nicely. They are also very cute. May 01, 2014

  • Great for meals on the go. The bib is soft and machine washable. Apr 07, 2014

  • No regrets yet, but we still use the Aden and anais bibs with our 6 month old more frequently. This may be better when he gets older. Mar 17, 2014

  • These bibs are awesome - they're SO easy to wash, just run under water and then hang up to dry. Mar 10, 2014

  • Great product - fun design and easy to wash! Feb 26, 2014

  • Soft and comfy for baby, super cute design, good coverage-love this bib! Feb 14, 2014

  • cute, pouch does a good job catching food and easy to travel with Feb 05, 2014

    • Sarah R.
    • San Francisco, California

    The velcro was pretty strong so it was harder for baby to rip this off (vs the bumpkins ones). Feb 02, 2014

  • super cute and has a crumb catcher! Dec 12, 2013

  • She just keeps ripping them off. Velcro power is lame. Nov 13, 2013

  • it's adorable, it's lightweight, and it works Nov 01, 2013

  • Great and perfect for on the go... coverage and pocket are just awesome Oct 08, 2013

  • Every time food got on this or it got wet it soaked though to babies clothes. I hated it. Jun 13, 2013

  • This is the best bib for eating. It is easy to wash in the sink and dries quickly. It is soft so isn't bulky when the baby is eating and has a nice pocket to wrap it up in when its dirty and you need to pack it in the daiper bag! Jan 25, 2013