• This is my go to sunscreen for my kids. It has a very light scent, easy to apply and I use it for myself as well. One of the best. Jan 03, 2020

  • ThinkBaby sunscreen is amazing! It takes a little bit of effort to rub in, but we have never gotten sunburned when we use it! I even use it on myself, because it works better than many other brands! Nov 08, 2019

    • Becky S.
    • Watford City, North Dakota

    Creamy and not too greasy for being sunscreen! LO hasn’t been sunburned so I’d say this is a win! Oct 20, 2019

    • Erica N.
    • United States of America

    I love that Thinkbaby uses the cleanest ingredients possible. It is a bit difficult to spread on my 6 month old's skin, but I'll take that any day knowing he is protected with non-harmful ingredients. Sep 05, 2019

  • This is not too greasy and is easy to apply. I like that it is more natural. Price is a little high though or such a small tube Aug 05, 2019

  • Best sunscreen ever. Did lots of research & this one came up on top for us. Have used it almost daily this summer & works like magic! No sunburn for my baby!! And smells delicious! Jul 18, 2019

  • Great sunscreen to have during the summer. For the most part I believe it is clean ingredients for baby. Jun 20, 2019

    • alyssa j.
    • Centerville, Massachusetts

    Love! Pleasant smell and great protection. Blends in so easily. No burns on my red head baby. I use mineral sunscreen on myself and it's way harder to blend in than this one! Jun 20, 2019

  • This is probably my favorite brand of sunscreen for my kids and husband and I. It rubs in well, smells great, and we haven't gotten burned with it on. May 06, 2019

  • Very very very disappointed in this product. Apparently, it contains lead and mercury. I bought this for my niece who is fair skinned and she not only got a rash, but she also got a sunburn. May 04, 2019

  • I love that this is mostly zinc oxide and not a ton of chemicals. Works great at protecting my baby's delicate skin from the sun. Apr 23, 2019

  • This is the only sunscreen we've used on our daughter since she was old enough to wear it!! It's always worked well and we've never experienced any sunburns with her! I recommend it to everyone! Apr 22, 2019

  • Love the ingredients and the functionality. The price is a bit high, as are all natural products. Mar 09, 2019

  • Difficult to rub in and it didn't work well on my daughter. She got burned after minimal time in the sun with this on. Feb 28, 2019

    • Ann C.
    • Bothell, Washington

    Works well. It's a little think, so it's hard to get off of our kids. Feb 19, 2019

  • The best! Thick and leaves a white color when not rubbed in but smells wonderful. I love this and will not switch. Can be pricey but so worth it to protect little ones. My fave and works and protects. Jan 14, 2019

    • Aleta W.
    • United States of America

    We love Think Baby sunscreen and diaper cream! Jan 04, 2019

  • It works great, but it's way too thick for baby because I really need to rub it off after he uses it. Oct 29, 2018

  • No reaction, waterproof, and easy to rub in. We love it! Have a tube for at home, and one for her diaper bag. Aug 17, 2018

    • Taryn W.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    smells good and has a great EWG rating, but leave white stains on everything. prefer blue lizard. Aug 16, 2018

  • This smells like an orange dreamsicle! No funky chemicals and one of the best sunscreens on the market for babies and kids alike. MUST buy. Jul 24, 2018

  • Love this natural product! Unlike other mineral-based products, this goes on silky smooth. No more tugging and pulling on our baby's skin to rub it in. The tropical citrus scent is light and yummy! Jul 24, 2018

  • Safe for baby and eco friendly. Costs as much as a tube of Neutrogena, so equally good for everyone else too. Not greasy, and the papaya scent is nice too. Jul 10, 2018

  • Best non-toxic sunscreen I've used. Pleasant scent, absorbs quickly, not greasy. Jul 05, 2018

  • Goes on easy and no issues! Love this sunscreen for my little dude. Jul 03, 2018

  • Only sunscreen I’ll use on my kids. Goes on smooth and doesn’t leave a white cast on their skin. Mineral based and doesn’t have the yucky chemicals so I feel confident in this safe product! Jun 09, 2018

  • Doesn’t drip! Apr 25, 2018

  • Gosh, this stuff is awesome! I never realized how dangerous the ingredients are in sunblock, and how misleading some brands can be with their (see: babyganics) but this stuff is GOLD Feb 15, 2018

    • Sarah T.
    • United States of America

    Summer survival! We have a red head with fair skin and used this every day! He can get eczema flair ups but never had a problem with this. Smells good and goes on easily. Feb 10, 2018

  • Safe for our son, never got a sunburn when we went on vacation in florida, I would definitely recommend! Feb 07, 2018

    • Jill B.
    • Greenfield Center, New York

    My favorite sunscreen for kids! It smells and works great, plus it rubs in really well so my kids don’t look ghostly with it on. Feb 01, 2018

    • C. A.
    • Santa Rosa, California

    High rating on EWG, rubs in easily, smells pleasant, high SPF, and is my favorite mineral sunscreen of all the brands I’ve tried. It doesn’t bother my sons eczema and it protects his skin from burning Jan 26, 2018

    • SARAH M.
    • United States of America

    Hands down the best, safe kids sunscreen. Thicker for good coverage but not greasy or sticky like some other natural sunscreens. Nov 01, 2017

  • This is our go to for our baby and young child. It does not irritate eczema and it rubs in pretty well for a safe product sunscreen. I even wore it while pregnant! Oct 19, 2017

    • L-A S.
    • Waterloo, Canada

    My favourite sunscreen so far. Easy to put on and has a good EWG rating. If you don't like the smell of coconut, it might be a bit much for you. Oct 05, 2017

  • Rated #1 for safe ingredients and effectiveness at ewg.org! Takes some rubbing to apply. Sep 16, 2017

  • Too thick that it is harder to spread, especially on squirmy kids. Sep 08, 2017

    • Brie B.
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Our favorite sunscreen. Applies easily and doesn't leave a white cast behind which is kind of amazing for a 20% zinc sunblock. We're good about reapplying, but there haven't been any burns yet. Aug 16, 2017

  • This is the best mineral sunscreen we have used! Rubs in so much easier than other zinc based sunscreens! Nice light scent as well. Aug 15, 2017

    • Alexa G.
    • Jamestown, Rhode Island

    Smells great! Clean ingredient list. Rubs in (no white streaks) and does its job! Jul 12, 2017

  • Love that this is non toxic but didn't provide enough coverage for my very fair skinned babe. Jul 01, 2017

  • Great zinc based sunscreen. I feel good about putting this on my kids. Rubs in fairly well for a zinc product. Apr 20, 2017

  • This is my favorite sunscreen! It rubs in well and keeps my kids protected without harsh chemicals Apr 18, 2017

  • This sunscreen works great and has a great EWG rating. I don't care for the smell (orange-like), but it rubs in pretty well. Jan 11, 2017

  • Surprisngly cosmetically elegant feel for mineral sunscreen. Slight white cast, but applies well. Oct 06, 2016

  • Smells wonderful and works well, we have never gotten a sunburn while using it (baby and I don't burn quickly though). Oct 05, 2016

  • So much easier to apply than the other brands. Sep 26, 2016

  • Fantastic sunscreen for your LOs and it smells great! Goes on a little thick, so be aware before you squeeze a lot out. It lasted longer than I thought too. Did not irritate my kids' skin. Sep 06, 2016

    • Mary K.
    • United States of America

    I Love this sunscreen! This brand really cares about you! Very safe! I like this one for my littlest ones right off the bat. Very effective. Aug 10, 2016

  • Easy to apply, and works well. Would prefer no scent but it's not overpowering and fades quickly. Aug 07, 2016