• We've used this for over two years and love the smell of it! I don't notice it being any more calming that regular soap, but it still smells great! Aug 06, 2019

  • Favourite baby smell!!! Highly recommend if you want your baby to smell like lavender and vanilla! Jul 26, 2019

    • Kelly B.
    • Lexington, SC, South Carolina

    Really nice smell and is gentle on the skin Jul 24, 2019

  • Smells amazing and moisturizes without drying! Jul 21, 2019

  • Love this smell Jul 14, 2019

  • I’m not sure if it’s this or just the bath that calms my baby, but whatever, this cleans him well, makes his skin soft and smells very good. May 30, 2019

  • A total must have. Smells great and soothes baby. Plus it's gentle on skin. May 04, 2019

  • My daughter got a rash from this so we stopped using it. It smells amazing and I use it for me without issues. So soothing and relaxing. I love Aveeno products for myself Apr 29, 2019

  • Love Aveeno products. My kids have all had eczema since birth and these products have been great. Doesn’t cause their skin to flake and keeps them moisturized, and the scent isn’t overbearing as well! Apr 21, 2019

  • This smells so good and really helps calm my daughter down during bath time! Plus I love how gentle Aveeno baby is on my little ones skin! Apr 19, 2019

  • My baby has sensitive skin and it works for us Mar 30, 2019

    • Kelsi C.
    • Port saint lucie, Florida

    Smells so goood! Mar 30, 2019

  • This scent is amazing to help baby sleep longer and leaves baby skins soft and clean without causing irritation Mar 19, 2019

  • My baby can’t use anything but this! It’s been a life saver with dove he just screamed like he was on fire and with Johnson’s he turned in to tomato and had a awful rash. This one has been so awesome! Feb 27, 2019

  • I really love this. It seems to suds up more than the standard aveeno baby wash and shampoo and smells great. Gentle on the skin. I wouldnt say its really calming, but my son is crazy in the water Feb 26, 2019

  • This is the best smelling wash. She gets so clean and fresh from this gentle soap. It is perfect to relax her before bedtime as she was fussy until I switched to this calming wash! Feb 20, 2019

  • Love aveeno for baby. Smells great and I think it helps baby sleep. Feb 19, 2019

  • This stuff smells amazing!! My baby feels so soft after his bath. Its worth every penny and i recommend this. This is now the only soap i will use. Feb 19, 2019

    • Jameka P.
    • Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    Soothes baby, smells great and it's not too strong or harsh on skin. Feb 08, 2019

  • A must-have product for eczema prone skins! Feb 06, 2019

  • I love the way this product smells and that it is gentle for my son's sensitive skin. Feb 05, 2019

  • Our go-to for bedtime bath. Smells amazing and helps get little one ready for sleep without drying out his skin. Oct 13, 2018

  • I enjoy the smell and it's not too drying. I don't really see a calming effect but my little guy is pretty active. Oct 09, 2018

  • Use it on occasion if the kiddos aren't feeling well. I nice warm lavender bath helps calm them down for bed. Generally we just use the shampoo body wash combo because it's easy. Oct 08, 2018

  • Love this. Smells good and doesn’t seem to irritate baby’s skin Oct 04, 2018

    • Sara I.
    • Ridgeland, Mississippi

    Doesn’t break out and smells wonderful! Oct 03, 2018

  • Smells great Sep 28, 2018

  • We added this to our bath time routine and we love it. It leaves my baby smelling so good and it helps her to fall asleep fast. Sep 27, 2018

  • We always use aveeno but this one is my favorite. I love the smell. Not sure if it’s any more calming but it smells amazing lol. Sep 12, 2018

  • Aveeno is my go-to for bath & body products for baby. Nice, light scent and formula. Use it daily. Sep 04, 2018

  • The baby loves this baby wash and as a bonus it smells really good. It's good on her skin, which I am happy about. Will definitely buy more. Aug 27, 2018

    • Ashley S.
    • PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wisconsin

    Great for night time baths! The scent of lavender really relaxes my daughter. Aug 10, 2018

  • Always go back to this product after trying other night time soothing products for the kids. Love the smell as well Jul 30, 2018

  • The lavender scent is light and soothing. The wash is gentle enough for daily use as well. Jul 23, 2018

  • This is a MUST for any baby that is fussy around bed time, or any toddler who is fighting sleep. Jul 22, 2018

  • I love aveeno baby products. This one smells so nice and not strong and I truly believe it helps baby wind down at bedtime. It even makes me feel a little calm/relaxed when I bathe her! Jul 21, 2018

  • Abeeno products are universally great. Never had a problem with sensitivity to them and they work as intended. No tears is a plus! Decent price point. Jul 17, 2018

  • Favorite wash by far! Smells so calming and all I can do is sniff my baby after I bathe her! Jul 10, 2018

  • Smells lovely and safe to use for every day. Even when we don't wash with it, we'll make a bubble bath out of it! Jun 21, 2018

  • Lovely soft lavender scent. Jun 13, 2018

  • Love the smell and it was always gentle on our babies skin! Jun 03, 2018

  • It smells good and always calms my baby down right before bed time. Jun 01, 2018

  • Perfect to use right before bed. May 23, 2018

  • Smells great, not too strong and helps my son calm down for bedtime. May 19, 2018

  • This comfort bath is good helps baby sleeps after shower May 18, 2018

    • Lan T.
    • Santa Rosa, California

    Didn’t work with my baby skin. Dry it out. May 08, 2018

  • I switch off with this and the plain Aveeno for my baby this one smells AMAZING May 05, 2018

    • Angie O.
    • Durham, North Carolina

    Great for sensitive skin! Apr 26, 2018

  • Smells amazing and has done a great job on my son’s eczema! Apr 15, 2018

  • My favorite soap to use especially at night. It smells amazing and doesn't have all the harsh chemicals/ carcinogens like some of the other baby soaps. Mar 30, 2018