• Really nice finish, very sturdy Oct 19, 2017

  • This crib was super easy to set up and was very visually appealing. We used all of the conversions for my son and he slept great every step of the way. A reliable choice! Oct 18, 2017

  • Easy to put together, has multiple crib heights, and looks really nice in the nursery. Oct 07, 2017

  • Bought this for my first child. It's now turned into a full size bed. Color is great and it's easy to convert/set up. Jun 30, 2017

  • This crib has been taken apart, moved several times and is currently being used for the second child. It is durable and safe. Great for the price! May 08, 2017

  • Very sturdy crib! We used this crib through two kids and both slept great in it. Putting it together was pretty simple came with all the tools needed. The bonus of having a toddler rail is great too. Mar 26, 2017

  • My sister is actually is the one that has this crib, but i was the one that bought it for her. I loved everything about this crib..Loved the designed and how it transforms from a crib to a bed..LoveIt Mar 20, 2017

  • I'm only 5'1" and this crib still allows me to reach in to grab my little one. Feb 18, 2017

  • Very easy to assemble and is very sturdy! Jan 14, 2017

    • Jen S.
    • South Mills , North Carolina

    Bought this and it scratched way to easy. We brought it back to the store before we even used it. Dec 15, 2016

    • Jamie S.
    • Cockeysville, Maryland

    We have been really happy with this crib. We got it in white and love that it's a convertible crib. Great price too! Dec 14, 2016

    • Tyla T.
    • Overland Park, Kansas

    This crib is beautiful and sturdy. Easy enough to put together, although we did have to redo at one point as there are identical pieces that the instructions don't specify which way the holes face. Oct 21, 2016

  • The crib is gorgeous and safe for the baby as it is very sturdy and all edges are rounded, and can also expand to a toddler bed as the LO grows. Sep 19, 2016

    • Ashlyn J.
    • Colorado Springs , Colorado

    Great crib! Easy to put together and can customize different heights! When your little gets older, easy to change to a toddler bed. However don't try moving it unless you've taken it apart! Sep 09, 2016

  • Bought this because I have the white Davinci 4-in-1 crib and loved it, brown was more obvious with wood imperfections/scratches but still handsome bed Aug 25, 2016

    • Yer T.
    • Elk Grove, California

    Sturdy, convert to toddler bed (toddler rail included), day bed, full size bed frame (rails not included). My daughter has chewed on it and she's fine! screws are visible if that's any issue. Jul 31, 2016

  • This is what I had for my first , it's very sturdy but found it too bulky . It's good if u have a big room Jul 08, 2016

  • Very sturdy and durable. It comes with the toddler rail which most other convertible cribs make you buy extra. Mar 11, 2016

  • Looks beautiful, bit bulky but I like that it's stable Feb 23, 2016

  • So pretty! Dec 04, 2015

  • I have this crib I white and it's beautiful. My husband said it was easy to assemble, and we love that it can grow with her. We will get many more years of use out of this gorgeous bed! Dec 03, 2015

  • Have one for each kid. Wonderful! Oct 02, 2015

  • Love this crib and the versatility of it. Nov 18, 2014

  • So far this crib has been awesome! Love that it's compatible with any bed frame though we still have only used it as a crib Sep 28, 2014

    • Wendy V.
    • Long Beach, California

    a Full size bed perfect for guest after baby is grown into a toddler bed. Aug 25, 2014

  • Fits all of the years..durable Aug 22, 2014

  • Very sturdy, great investment, easy to assemble Jun 18, 2014

  • Good product Mar 19, 2014

    • Dacia P.
    • Gig Harbor, Washington

    This has been a fabulous crib for us. We have it in black and it's on baby #2. No regrets with this purchase. Sep 24, 2013