• Soft. Lots of colors. I'm a sucker for polka dots. Love it in red! Jul 06, 2017

  • Comes in cute prints. I uses it as a spare sheet. Apr 06, 2017

    • Gwen M.
    • Danville, Pennsylvania

    No problem, just a sheet. Cute designs. Mar 23, 2017

  • Fit best compared to Gerber or garanimal sheets Feb 22, 2017

  • They hold up well but I have a cat and his fur seems to cling to this material. Feb 18, 2017

  • These are soft and hold up in the wash. They fit perfectly on my mattress. Jan 13, 2017

  • Have and love! There is no reason to buy super pricey sheets when these are so reasonable. They come in so many fun prints to match any nursery. We have 4 sets to change out and they all are amazing! Nov 29, 2016

  • Super soft sheets, great fit on mattress. I bought the jersey knit circa sheets and love them Nov 16, 2016

    • Liz W.
    • Charleston, West Virginia

    Ours still look great after almost two years. No complaints. Super cute prints. Oct 21, 2016

  • Cute, soft and cheap. Oct 05, 2016

    • Grace O.
    • Niagara Falls, New York

    These are great patterns and a great fit until you wash them. They don't fit on a mattress that is 4" thick so I find them useless. Sep 01, 2016

  • These sheets are cute, they offer many prints & colors. No complaints Aug 30, 2016

  • Super cute designs but not very soft. Aug 28, 2016

  • Love these sheets- We have the basic white jersey sheets, they are so so soft and a really great value! Aug 23, 2016

  • This sheet did not fit a standard crib mattress. Way too tight. Would not recommend this Mar 17, 2016

  • Fit the mattress however, a little short on the sides. Feb 25, 2016

    • Erica L.
    • Scotch Plains, New Jersey

    Really too bad since they have such cute patterns. Unfortunately once you wash them they don't fit on any crib mattresses except for the thin ones from ikea. Jan 31, 2016

  • Fits perfectly! Jan 27, 2016

  • These are soft, breathable and comfortable. Not the greatest, but good for price. Dec 08, 2015

  • Have these in a variety of colors and they are soft and pretty good quality for the price. Jul 11, 2015

    • Erica S.
    • United States of America

    Loved the pattern options and they are light and breathable. Apr 08, 2015

  • Great price, great quality and super cute prints Mar 10, 2015

    • Ali B.
    • Cleveland, Ohio

    We long our crib sheets from target! All fun gray & white patterns! Oct 30, 2014

  • Fun colors to match any room. Oct 22, 2014

  • Awesome sheets! Oct 04, 2014

  • perfect sheet for daycare Sep 30, 2014

  • Soft and adorable prints and affordable Sep 29, 2014

    • Aly M.
    • McCalla, Alabama

    My husband bought these on a random store trip to get me some medicine. They aren't the best but aren't the worst. My daughter doesn't have issues sleeping on them so I am good with that! Sep 25, 2014

  • Just like ALL Circo products, these are too small and don't fit well on the mattress, causing it to bow int he middle. Jul 24, 2014

  • They are okay, but run a little small/tight fitting on our mattress Jun 07, 2014

  • This brand did not fit my mattress well and was too small. I regret buying these. Apr 11, 2014

  • These are easy to change and last a long time. I liked them better than my Pottery Barn crib sheets. Mar 28, 2014

  • These shrunk so much in the wash that they wouldn't fit over the mattress anymore. Mar 27, 2014

  • cute styles Feb 01, 2014

  • Really cute patterns Sep 24, 2013

  • Love these sheets. The color doesn't fade through lots of washes. Sep 24, 2013

  • These are super cute and very affordable but they are a little small compared to other crib sheets. They will go on, but it's a tight fit and involves some serious yanking and pulling. Sep 04, 2013