• Sharp edges, not great for younger kiddos. May 11, 2019

  • Both my two year old and under one year old love to play with these. My baby loves looking at the colors and chewing on them while my two year old enjoys matching the shapes to their correct slot. Apr 30, 2019

  • Too many sharp edges, get a plastic version instead Apr 25, 2019

  • Such a great classic toy! My 3 year old still plays with his occasionally and loves seeing how fast he can match all the shapes and problem solve. Mar 13, 2019

  • So cute. So many choices to attempt. Great toy to make them think. Feb 08, 2019

  • This is a great toy to encourage fine motor development, shape recognition and determination! Jan 31, 2019

    • Cait G.
    • Fort Mill, South Carolina

    We bought this for my 1 year old and I think it might be a little advanced for her. I think once she understands shapes she will enjoy it more. Jan 30, 2019

  • The size of this is too small for 2 year olds. Also, the quality of this toy is terrible. Jan 18, 2019

  • As with most Melissa and Doug toys, we love this cube. It's challenging and fun for little ones. Great quality product. Oct 12, 2018

  • I feel the amount of shapes is a little advance for this age, and more appropriate for older toddlers aged 3+ Jul 12, 2018

  • Great for an older child. Our son is a 18mos. The corners of the box and lid are not rounded but sharp and could do some damage if he fell on it. The shapes are obscure and confusing for a young child Jul 01, 2018

  • For an younger kid this cube can be a little challenging Jun 16, 2018

  • Another Melissa & Doug win, a great way to practice shapes and manipulate the box to find what goes where. Mar 22, 2018

    • Alena T.
    • Raleigh, North Carolina

    We love wooden toys. This is a classic. It’s been good for teaching my toddler shapes. She is still too young to figure out which hole to put them in. I like that one side slides off to get blocks out Feb 05, 2018

  • My son loves the shape sorting cube! The pieces fit easily into their shapes. It's easy to dump out all the pieces. Nice high quality toy! Jan 22, 2018

  • My son is 9 months old. We spend a fair amount of time stacking, taking shapes in and out and him chewing and banging these. He isn't old enough to figure out which shape goes in which hole. Nov 14, 2017

  • Overall a great learning toy that a child can grow with. The lid doesn't stay closed so the shades often get dumped when the box I picked up or carried wrong (as toddlers tend to do). Oct 19, 2017

  • Fun toy that is getting used more often now that my 3 year old is in preschool and is learning about shapes. Oct 08, 2017

  • Have had since 2011 with Baby 1 its now 2017 this toy is still bright and in perfect condition even with all of the years of play. My children love it. Aug 09, 2017

  • Our son loved playing with this, but the paint kept chipping off of the blocks, so we got rid of it. Did help him learn his shapes quickly though. Apr 27, 2017

  • My 15 month old LOVES this Nov 21, 2016

  • High quality like all M&D items I have encountered. I love their wooden toys. Bright colors, great size. Jul 22, 2016

  • This is actually a little difficult as they use some very similar shapes but overall its high quality. I wish the lid stayed on better though. Jan 24, 2016

  • Got this as a hand me down, and it's in great shape. The amount of 5+ sided shapes can be confusing for little ones, but my 2 yr old still likes playing with it and is learning shapes with it. Oct 22, 2015

    • Angela P.
    • Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

    10.5 month old is finally starting to figure out how to put blocks into the box (not yet through designated holes - but still fun!). Aug 25, 2015

  • I wish there was a way to lock the lid in place because it slide out pretty easily May 28, 2015

  • It is so dangerous when the wood splinters... May 11, 2015

    • Erica S.
    • United States of America

    Great for fine motor skill development. As our kiddo has gotten older we give less and less help. Great for multiple ages. Love the company that makes it, we have several toys of theirs. Apr 09, 2015

    • Katie L.
    • United States of America

    Classic shape sorter! For younger kids, I just take out the most basic shapes and just let them work on one side. Nov 08, 2014

  • My son loves this and it taught him shapes. But the one downside is that there are a couple shapes that are very similar, which can be confusing and frustrating. Sep 17, 2014

  • This shape sorter is a little complicated (there are some pretty advanced shapes, and only one block fits in each hole) but our little lady LOVES it. We love that it's wood & holds her attention ;) Aug 18, 2014

  • The edges are a little sharp. I don't like to leave this toy out. Aug 12, 2014

  • Multiple shapes can fit into the same hole and others are really tricky to get into the right hole. Jul 29, 2014

  • Great for learning colors and shapes. For younger kids slide the lid off and just encourage them to put the pieces in the box. Jul 29, 2014

  • Neutral so far but leaning towards dislike. We don't use it (yet) because it's hard for me to put the shapes in! And the box slides open so easily the shapes tumble out. Jul 29, 2014

  • My 18 month old is still growing into this toy, but right now it's a little frustrating for her. I think by 2 years old...it will be great. Jul 29, 2014

    • Amy K.
    • Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Bought at 18 mo. entertained then, but now at 2 years it's actually usable as a sorting toy, was a bit difficult for an 18 mo old. Jul 24, 2014

    • Amity B.
    • United States of America

    seems like it will be great to learn colors and shapes! Jul 24, 2014

  • My boy knew parallelogram at age 2 bc of this toy Jun 29, 2014

  • I wish the lid would stay on by itself, but otherwise a great product Jun 26, 2014

  • J loves it and I think he will continue to love as he grows older and learns all the shapes. I love it too -- high quality wood toys, great for learning and teaching. Jun 17, 2014

  • Still a favorite toy Jun 17, 2014

  • Yes, every child need one of these! Jun 17, 2014

  • Our son plays with this hours on end. Had dune so since about 7 mos old. Jun 17, 2014

  • Awesome from age 1 onward. First just fun for the mouth :) Then putting in and out of box, then putting in holes by shape by age 2.5...good "go the distance" toy. Jun 16, 2014

  • Was great for developing fine motor skills, matching, and colors! May 12, 2014

  • dogs chewed one of the pieces because it was wood Apr 15, 2014

  • We haven't used yet. I like the looks of it though and it matches his other Melissa and Doug toys Mar 01, 2014

  • My baby loves picking the shapes out of the box. She has yet to learn where the shapes go but a great toy to grow into. Feb 26, 2014

  • Love! Feb 24, 2014