• Milk flow is a bit too heavy for my baby, easy to use. Aug 24, 2018

  • Used these with my daughter, love them and plan to use them once again with #3 Jul 08, 2018

  • Convenient to use, when traveling. Jun 29, 2018

  • I LOVE these bottles! They’re easy to clean and mess free! But this baby sadly doesn’t like them :( I will try again though. My first used these though. May 21, 2018

  • My favorite bottles. No bottles to clean and you're able to get all of the air out so baby doesn't get gassy or fussy! May 18, 2018

  • I used these bottles for all of my children and recommend them! Being able to push out the air each time definitely helps with gas and the liners do make cleaning easier. May 16, 2018

    • Rachel H.
    • Factoryville , Pennsylvania

    Wanted to love these but they were messy and I he baby wasn’t a fan. Apr 20, 2018

    • L S.
    • Pawleys Island, South Carolina

    It comes with a lot of bottles. I only use four bottles so far. I wish it came with more liners. Apr 09, 2018

  • Got this as a baby shower gift, and loved it. So simple for transferring breast milkinto. Mar 30, 2018

  • Thes are absolutely the best when pumping. The pump bags fit directly in these and make things so easy and convenient. It so easy to pump into a Lansinoh or any other brand bag and drop right into bot Mar 28, 2018

  • It’s impossible to get correct measurements with these when making formula. Mar 21, 2018

  • I knew I wanted to use these before I even had a baby. My only complaint was they weren’t the old style ones that I fell in love with so long ago.! Mar 02, 2018

  • Tthese are amazing! My daughter was able to switch between breast and bottle seamlessly! Feb 07, 2018

    • Hope M.
    • Mineral Wells, Texas

    I Love these bottles and the liners make clean up so much easier! Feb 02, 2018

  • These are the WORST bottles ever, they leak like you would not believe. I lost more breast milk because of these stupid bottles! DO NOT BUY THEM!!! Jan 30, 2018

  • These are nice because you have much less air and much less dirty bottles to clean everyday! They do help with gas but if you are formula feeding, kind of a hassle as you will have to mix in blender. Jan 27, 2018

  • My 6 week old loves these bottles. I mostly nurse but she gets a bottle of breast milk at least once a day with her Dad and will get more when I go back to work. She never had nipple confusion issues! Jan 25, 2018

  • Love these. Supper easy for travel, you only have to bring another nipple instead of the whole bottle. Jan 12, 2018

    • Donna M.
    • Colorado Springs, Colorado

    I used this with my first child. They are okay. Very quick and convenient, and less washing bottles. However, I didn't love them, because the expense adds up. Jan 10, 2018

  • I used this system for my first 2 kids and loved it. Super easy to clean, maintenance is great, nipples are easy to find. Overall, a great bottle system. Jan 08, 2018

    • Jen B.
    • Bentonville, Arkansas

    The only bottle 2 of my very gassy babies were able to use without projectile vomiting each time. Love these! Jan 05, 2018

  • My daughter had digestive issues, and a lot of gas, switched formulas switched bottles to the Playtex nursers and she started doing so much better. These bottles are the best Jan 04, 2018

  • These did help reduce gas from air bubbles which is great. My breastfed baby took the bottles very easily. Problem is that the whole to push the drop in up to let air out isn’t big enough for hand. Jan 03, 2018

  • I love these bottles, my baby took to the nipples really well and it's great to be able to push all of the air from the bottle. they also bend in order to feel more comfortable to you when feeding Jan 03, 2018

  • Great deal! Dec 21, 2017

  • Seemed to work well for us, but it can get expensive when you have to keep purchasing the liners. Nov 14, 2017

    • Kelly B.
    • Charlotte, North Carolina

    I love these bottles because they are so easy to travel with, work well for my son who has reflux and are far easier to clean than other brands. However, I dislike the additional waste they generate Oct 24, 2017

  • I used my breastmilk storage bags in these bottles to avoid transfering milk and cleaning bottles (I'm lazy.) I only used 4 bottles over 9 yrs and 3 kids, just bought new nipples each time (I'm cheap) Oct 24, 2017

  • Love these bottles, We used them back in the 90's when my niece was born. These were the first things I bought for my son. Best easy bottles to use especially for traveling Oct 19, 2017

    • Maddy L.
    • United States of America

    Got this as a babyshower gift My BabyGirl loves them and was easy to transition her from breast to bottle! Oct 17, 2017

  • Easy for milk, both breast and cow. Way more convenient and easy to clean than VentAire. Does not work so well for formula, though. It's tough to mix it up well in the bag. Sep 11, 2017

  • I love that you can squeeze the air out to minimize air to the baby. I highly recommend to anyone Aug 30, 2017

  • Love these bottles minimal cleaning required as the drop ins get threw away. Nipple is great and makes baby open wide for those EBF babies who are rarely bottle fed. Aug 17, 2017

  • EASY to use. EASY to clean. EASY for baby to go from breast to bottle back to breast. EASY for hubby, grandma, daycare, EVERYONE to use. EASY way to reduce baby's gas. EASY. EASY. EASY! Jul 06, 2017

  • Great in theory, but baby won't need 8 ounce bottles for months. And I ended up preferring the kiinde bottles to the drop ins. If you buy be sure to get the drop in liners too. Jun 29, 2017

    • Aseky B.
    • Winter Springs , Florida

    My older son used these bottles and they worked great. I love that its less washing involved with these. Just pull the liner out and toss it in the trash! May 11, 2017

  • I used these bottles before. What I love about them is that it's easy for clean up and on the go. My son had less gas and seemed to like them. I will be using them again with baby boy due in May. Apr 12, 2017

    • Emily S.
    • Cherokee Village , Arkansas

    I have loved these bottles since they first came out. Babies seem to love them and latch on easily. The drop in liners greatly reduce gas and colic and they are easy to clean. Favorite bottle! Mar 14, 2017

  • As a first time mom, I had a lot of trouble with these. It was hard for my husband and i to adequately track how much my son was getting to eat. Jan 31, 2017

  • Worked great for my older kids, but my youngest doesn't like them. I think the bottle nipple is to soft/squishy for him since he's primarily breastfed. Dec 15, 2016

  • Love them Nov 16, 2016

  • Purchased these before my son was born, thinking it would be easier clean-up. Clean-up was definitely easier, however, my son was very gassy and these just did not do the trick. Oct 19, 2016

  • These worked the best for my baby's reflux/ spit up issues. Even better than the Dr. Browns. I don't like the waste of the disposable bags but I love the easy clean up! The nipple options are great! Feb 08, 2016

  • While I love the playtex drop in original bottles, I do not like these. The small bottles are okay but the bigger bottles are too narrow for your hand to be able to push the air out. Jan 22, 2016

  • I was told these were great for nursing mom's but my baby got way to much air no matter what I would try Jan 15, 2016

  • I had a hard time pushing up the insert to get out the air. Might be that I didn't practice with it enough, but I found it frustrating. Apr 30, 2015

    • Meg B.
    • United States of America

    We use these and are happy with them, like that the bottles bend and the liners make them super easy. Apr 06, 2015

  • really easy cleaning and the variety of nipples is great. Jan 20, 2015

    • Lynn B.
    • Lansdale, Pennsylvania

    Both of my kids resisted bottles once I went back to work, but love these bottles/nipples. Also very easy to clean. Oct 01, 2014

    • Joy M.
    • United States of America

    Easy clean up! The nipples were great for my daughter that had issues with other bottles. Sep 01, 2014