• EVERY GASSY BABY MUST HAVE!!! My baby burps and farts like a grown adult and would wake up a lot with gas pain until we started using this with his night time bottles. Trust me, everyone needs this. Feb 09, 2021

  • Unsure if they helped, but in those early baby stages you cant give much so it was worth a shot. Feb 08, 2021

    • Tara T.
    • Mehoopany, Pennsylvania

    Baby did not mind taste, calmed gas but was a bit messy Dec 22, 2020

    • Cody D.
    • Albuquerque, New Mexico

    These were an absolute LIFESAVER. Our daughter loves the taste (we have found she does not like grape flavors), and helps relive her gas. Dec 21, 2020

  • Ohhhh absolutely! Add this to your registry, like yesterday! Dec 15, 2020

  • These gas drops work great and relieve my sons gas quickly, also they cost less than other brands. Sep 29, 2020

    • Kellie M.
    • South Pittsburg, Tennessee

    We like these better than the mylicon brand Sep 25, 2020

  • These work great to reduce gas. We used them for a while before every bottle at the recommendation of my son's GI doctor and it helped his gas a ton. Sep 11, 2020

  • Stock up! Love these drops. Love that they don’t have a bunch of dyes and fillers too. Great flavor and baby has never had an issue taking it without my forcing them! Sep 10, 2020

  • Wonderful! Works like magic! Sep 04, 2020

  • Makes my baby feel so much relief. He was so gassy at the beginning and this product has been so handy at times. Definitely a must buy! Aug 24, 2020

  • These have been so helpful the past few months with my 4 month old son who is very gassy! Highly recommend! Aug 20, 2020

    • Jenna M.
    • Worcester, Massachusetts

    I used these a lot when my daughter was colicky the first few months. They really helped her stomach! I would recommend them! Aug 12, 2020

  • These work great on my baby and relieves his gas after a few minutes! Definitely a go-to for when he’s gassy. Aug 05, 2020

  • This is very helpful and works almost immediately. Jul 27, 2020

  • Works just as good as mylicon half the price Jul 22, 2020

    • Alyssa J.
    • MARSTONS MILLS, Massachusetts

    Used a few times. Could be coincidence but the crying does stop in a few minutes. Jul 22, 2020

  • When our daughter was a newborn she got terrible gas and it made her just scream sometimes. These were really helpful to put in her bottle and help prevent gas build up. Jul 20, 2020

  • We use this every night and it always works! Jun 29, 2020

  • When my daughter was a newborn this was to relieving to her. So glad I discovered these. Helped her relieve so much gas! Jun 23, 2020

  • Life save! Helped out so much when I couldn’t figure out why my lo was upset. They worked instantly! Jun 23, 2020

  • Such a necessity in my survival kit. Newborn gas is the worst for their tummys and these drops always provided relief! Must have. Jun 19, 2020

    • Jenna L.
    • New Orleans, Louisiana

    perfect for those unwanted as bubbles. natural flavor, easy to use. Tried and true product! Jun 17, 2020

  • A must have! This helped so much with my first. She was always so gassy and fuzzy. In seconds she was a happy baby. Apr 16, 2020

  • Not sure if this worked that great. Didnt see much difference when my little one used it. Gripe water helped more. Apr 02, 2020

  • One of the only things that helped when our babe was super gassy. Feb 28, 2020

  • We use these and they seem to work some of the time. Feb 18, 2020

  • Pretty effective against gas. We put a few drops in each bottle. Feb 06, 2020

  • So so. Only worked if gas was really bad! Feb 03, 2020

  • Amazing product for little tummies! Even half a dose did wonders for my son’s gas Feb 03, 2020

  • Drops work great and Little Tummy's is a company I trust and value. Feb 02, 2020

  • A must have for a gassy baby!!!! These saved my sanity. Pediatrician recommended them. Feb 01, 2020

  • Seriously wouldn't have made it through the first 3 months without gas drops! Jan 03, 2020

    • Sarah S.
    • United States of America

    This product was a staple at our house when my toddler was a baby. They definitely seemed to help him when he was fussy and seemed to be having tummy troubles. Jan 02, 2020

  • These worked great for my daughter when she had difficult to get out gas bubbles. It was almost instant relief. Jan 01, 2020

  • One word: life saver. At 3 weeks my baby had really bad gas and tummy pain. This helped him so much! We would add a few drops every night in his bottle until it eventually stopped. Dec 03, 2019

  • I like that the gas drops are dye free and easy to stick in the diaper bag...and affordable! Dec 02, 2019

  • Works instantly. Directions are clear an precise. Nov 03, 2019

  • This is a life saver! I have a very gassy little baby who loved to eat. Within 5 minutes of giving her these drops she would have relief! Sep 13, 2019

  • These really helped out a lot when baby got stomach aches and ate too quickly. Sep 13, 2019

  • This seemed to work for my daughter. She had a terrible milk allergy and we used this until we figured out the root of the issue! We occasionally still use it n Sep 02, 2019

  • These drops help my son with his gas / belly. He seems to like the taste. What I don’t love is that it smells like a melted slurpee - I feel like it is too sugary. But again, it helps my baby, so..? Aug 07, 2019

  • Prefer these drops to the other formulation since you have to give baby way less. Definitely helps clear that gas quickly! Aug 02, 2019

    • Amy D.
    • Stamford, Connecticut

    The main ingredient simethicone is also used for adult gassiness but unfortunately didn't work for my LO's colic. Jul 28, 2019

  • These drops were the only thing that I found to help my little ones belly. A little goes a long way. Jun 26, 2019

  • Purchased these for when my baby was a newborn and needed help relieving her gas. I felt it didn’t do much at all. I wouldn’t say I regret purchasing but just not sure it worked. Jun 20, 2019

  • This has been the best gas relief drops we've used so far. They ease him of pain in just a couple of minutes. He loves the flavor also. May 29, 2019