• Alissa P.
    • Spartanburg , South Carolina

    I was gifted this product by a friend who is a nurse. My son is 15 months old now and I cannot even begin to count the number of times it has come in handy! Easy to use and app is great for me and LO! Apr 23, 2020

  • I received the Kinsa thermometer for free through my insurance provider. The thermometer connects to my phone and we have fun Sesame Street characters that feel bad for us if we have symptoms. Apr 23, 2020

    • Gina D.
    • Cheshire, Connecticut

    As a mom of three little ones it is so important to have reliable thermometer. The kinsa has been perfect. I programed all our family members names in the app so I can select whose temp. I'm taking. Apr 23, 2020

  • Our favorite thermometer! Works super quick and is accurate. I love how it connects to the app and helps me keep track of temperatures and what time I have meds. Apr 23, 2020

  • The thermometer is easy to set up through the app and communicates very well how to proceed and use it. We assigned an avatar to everyone in our home. A must have and super easy for anyone to use. Apr 23, 2020

  • The Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer is a neat little tool. It is small and light weight. It feels more comfortable under the tongue than a regular thermometer. The display is large and easy to read. Apr 23, 2020

    • Carly F.
    • Los Angeles, California

    Clear and easy to read. Also works very quickly. For travel, the size is perfect. I also prefer that I can wash it in the sink after use rather than spending more money on coverings. Apr 23, 2020

  • The app was great, connected to my phone and gave helpful tips, suggestions for what to do for a temp for a baby at a specific age, etc. However, I had trouble with the reliability of the thermometer. Apr 23, 2020

  • It is such a quick and accurate thermometer. It works well for the entire family and it can be used in multiple ways which is great! The app is extremely helpful as well. Apr 23, 2020

  • We like this thermometer. It is easy to use, gives accurate readings, and connects to an app so you can keep track of temps. If we ever need a new thermometer we will buy from this brand again. Apr 23, 2020

  • This thermometer is not reliable at all. I always take a rectal thermometer on my baby. I took it multiple times as a test and it was different every time. It’s awful Feb 12, 2020

  • Only used a couple of times so far, but was easy to set up and use. It was comfortable for my baby and read quickly. It’s so nice to have a history of readings on your phone! Jan 23, 2020

  • An amazing lil thing! Love the app features and keeps everything you need - no guess. I just cannot make myself trust forehead or ear methods. This is so easy to hold, clean and fast reading (8 sec) Aug 27, 2019

  • Bought this after the smart stick so I didn’t have to plug it into my phone Aug 27, 2019

  • It is small and flexible to accommodate sick and wiggly children, the app is easy, useful, and accurate, and the information it provided was helpful and encouraging during a nasty virus. Mar 05, 2019

  • The free Kinsa app was great! The app is user friendly and allows for a profile of each family member, tracks temp., symptoms, medication dosage and provides useful tips. Mar 05, 2019

  • We liked the convenience of the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer. I easily connected it to my phone and began using it to take the temperatures of my 3 children (and my husband!). I had no trouble taking t Mar 04, 2019

  • This is the best thermometer ever! Even my son will use it, and he hates getting his temperature taken. Flexible and soft, accurate, and the app is simple and easy to use. It’s the only one we’ll use. Mar 02, 2019

    • Laura W.
    • Hickory, North Carolina

    I've used several different types of thermometers with my family in the past, but they all were missing something. I have two young daughters and getting this part of their care right was critical to Mar 02, 2019

  • As a mom of 2, I know how hard it can be to have multiple sick kids(including me) I was so happy to learn about the Kinsa smart digital thermometer and it’s free app to track all my kids readings Mar 01, 2019

  • This thermometer came at perfect timing! I received this the week I got the flu and then my kids, so we used it Alot! It's super fast, accurate and the app is easy to manuever. Perfect babyshower gift Mar 01, 2019

    • Amanda M.
    • Williamsport, Pennsylvania

    Quick, smart, and inexpensive. Works super fast and the app is intuitive and entertaining for kids. Love the thoughtful storage pouch and overall ease of use. Mar 01, 2019

  • This is the best thermometer out there and will now be my got to gift for new parents. I seriously love all the features. I did receive one as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. But I love it! Mar 01, 2019

  • A great addition to the household medicine cabinet. I love the ability to track information on my phone, have history and notes available if we go to the doctor ( Feb 28, 2019

  • The app is WONDERFUL, BUT you don't have to use it if you don't want. Highly recommend the app though, it's intuitive and gives great guidance when dealing with sick little ones. Feb 28, 2019

  • This thermometer is absolutely great. Easy to set up, kids love to play the bubble game while the waiting for the reading. Love to track readings and symptoms. Feb 28, 2019

  • I am very satisfied with his thermometer and am amazed at all the great features. You can have temperature tracking for your entire family. I would highly recommend this thermometer. Feb 28, 2019

  • I am super impressed with the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer. Its super easy to use and very intuitive. A must have for moms. Feb 28, 2019

  • Love the app that it connects to. Awesome to have all that info along with the temp readings! Feb 27, 2019

    • Dina P.
    • Montvale, New Jersey

    The thermometer was very easy to use and easily connected to my phone. It took my kids temperature in 8 seconds and even had a game where they can pop balloons while they waited for their temperature. Feb 26, 2019

  • The thermometer is flexible, rubber like end that is a great transition from a forehead reading thermometer. The app is the best part. Being able to keep track of temps & meds is a live saver! Feb 26, 2019

  • Great thermeter. Very easy to use and accurate readings. Love that I can pair it up with the app and keep record of all family members. Great little thermometer for the price. Feb 26, 2019

  • I have 7 people in our family and I was easily able to put them all Into the app and record each of their temperatures. It seems very accurate! I recieved from weeSpring Parent Panel Feb 26, 2019

  • I was able to test the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer thanks to the Weespring parent panel. I've been so impressed with it! It's been very accurate, I love that it has an app that keeps track of everyth Feb 26, 2019

  • I wasn't really planning on buying a new thermometer at the moment, but when one was provided to me by the weeSpring Parent Panel, I was pleased. We'd been using a Vicks behind the ear thermometer for Feb 25, 2019

  • I received the kinsa Quickcare smart thermometer through the weespring parent panel. My first impressions of the thermometer that it was compact and attractive. Luckily it arrived right in the middle Feb 25, 2019

  • Neat little package with a small bag for storage, easy to navigate app with memory function for all 5 members of my family, very cute design, and super affordable. I would definitely recommend. Feb 25, 2019

  • I received the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer through the weeSpring Parent Panel. This is a perfect product for our parent panel. It’s designed to make parents’ lives easier, in particular when you’re fa Feb 25, 2019

  • Great and very easy to use. I really love the app so you can track temp, symptoms, medications for every member of the family. I don't have to rely on memory anymore! Feb 25, 2019

  • The thermometer is awesome. The app works seemlessly with it and it actually takes a quick reading. I love that the app keeps track of readings, symptoms, medicine for each person. Feb 25, 2019

    • Kelly M.
    • Lexington, North Carolina

    Easy to use. App is easy to install and use. Readings are quick and accurate. Only problems I had was getting underarm readings for my 3 year old son. Feb 24, 2019

  • The Kinsa works consistently in all situations. Seriously, this thermometer is great! It is super fast, easy to use, accurate and with the Kinsa app all of your data is conveniently stored Feb 24, 2019

    • Erica L.
    • Lake Elsinore, California

    This thermometer is awesome! I love that it keeps track of temperatures for you so that you do not have to try to remember what your child's last temperature was. Thank you weespring Parent Panel Feb 24, 2019

  • A good thermometer isn't something we use every day but a family with 3 kids needs a dependable one! The app is great for keeping a profile for each family member- I really like that!! Feb 24, 2019

  • Love how you can add symptoms and medications, etc and have those with times and temperatures all right at your fingertips. Nice, small and accurate Feb 24, 2019

  • This thermometer and the app are easy to use. Being able to put in symptoms and get instant feedback is helpful. It's like a precursor to take some action as you prep for a doctor visit. Feb 24, 2019

  • As a mom of 6 I’m always looking for things to simplify my life. This is quick, accurate and allows me to store all temperatures, symptoms, medications for each child right in the app. How convenient! Feb 23, 2019

    • Alba V.
    • Boston , Massachusetts

    I received the kinda quickcare thermometer through the weespring parent panel and I must say what an awesome product. It's an easy app to use and navigate. Having a profile for everyone great Feb 23, 2019

  • I'm so picky when it comes to a good thermometer for my family. I've tried a bunch and end up not liking them because of it not being accurate. My friend mentioned how she uses a Kinsa for her kids an Feb 23, 2019

    • Erin P.
    • watkinsville, Georgia

    great for inexperienced parents, but the medical suggestions are either obvious or unhelpful because it can't account for pre-existing conditions like asthma (shortness of breath=ER apparently) Feb 21, 2019