• Ana H.
    • Menlo Park, CA, California

    We love that it had a seat and parent push bar to start him off, but he quickly outgrew it all and now scoots on his own just 4 months later. It goes everywhere our 2 year old goes. May 19, 2020

  • My baby loves it and plays with it everyday since I got it. The seat is very useful for younger babies. It’s a must have! May 07, 2020

  • This scooter grew with my son till he was 5! He loved it so much. Sad the day he was to big for it. Apr 23, 2020

    • Erica Q.
    • Saint Petersburg , Florida

    My 4 year old boy has this Micro Mini Scooter and loves it because he says it’s super fast! It’s his favorite and the perfect size for him. I will probably get him the next size up in this brand soon Feb 16, 2020

    • Erin H.
    • Sheboygan , Wisconsin

    My 3 year old loves this scooter. It only took her a few tries until she mastered. I can walk my dogs and she can scoot right down the street with us. It’s nice and sturdy with the two back wheels. Feb 11, 2020

  • Best scooter! It’s well made and sturdy unlike cheap character one we had before. The double wheels in the front make it easy for my daughter to scoot. Just lean the handles and the scooter turns. Feb 01, 2020

  • Love ours!!! Jan 31, 2020

  • Easy to use, provides great balance, and is just a generally well put together and sturdy scooter. Dec 11, 2019

  • Great first scooter. Be sure to pay attention to the height of the handbags. Ours lasted for about three years until it was too short. The suspension and steering is amazing! Nov 30, 2019

    • T P.
    • Astoria, New York

    The best way to get around in the city. Oct 08, 2019

  • Love that this has 3 stages to grow with the child. Very smooth ride. Quality scooter. Sep 13, 2019

  • My twins each have one, the first “riding toy” they always go for! Great for everyday fun! Jul 31, 2019

  • My 3 yo loves this scooter! It took a little while to figure out how to turn on it but now she’s a pro! It’s very well made and worth the money. Very smooth ride. Jul 28, 2019

  • My kids absolutely love these. They aren’t the bravest when it comes to new, fast things but they got the hang of it quickly and beg to ride their scooters everywhere. Jul 22, 2019

  • This is one of our favorite outside toys. We have owned two and will be getting a third sooner than later. These are the perfect size and the transition from sitting to scooting is super easy. Jul 14, 2019

  • We just got this for our two year old and he seems to love it! He was a quick study and the adjustable handlebars makes it the perfect size for him Jul 10, 2019

  • We got one for our daughter for Xmas and she loves it!! She under 2.5 and is so good on the scooter I can’t believe how much fun she is having :) Jun 22, 2019

  • We had 2 of these and loved them! Every child that came to our house used these .Very sturdy and safe. Definitely recommend! May 02, 2019

    • Olga K.
    • Charlotte , North Carolina

    Well so far my baby girl happy with it. But we just pushing it around at the moment no action. She is just 17 month Apr 24, 2019

  • We are using it as transportation to day care :) great opportunity to have it two in one: morning exercise and fun! Apr 05, 2019

  • I think I got this for my so. When he was too young (2). He’s 2.5 now and just starting to show interest. I think it’ll be better closer to 3 Apr 03, 2019

  • One of my daughters favorite toys! She loves it and is so coordinated on it at just 2 years old. Jan 13, 2019

    • Jenn M.
    • United States of America

    This is a wonderful scooter that helps give kids independence and is easy to use. We live in a city and this ended up replacing the stroller on our walks. It is easy to maintain balance and break. Jan 02, 2019

  • The best scooter!! The ride is so smooth and my son can easily turn without tipping. Nov 28, 2018

    • Cara Z.
    • Washington, District of Columbia

    My son got this as a gift at 1.5 years old and he took to it immediately. It is well made and a solid scooter that adjusts with his height. My son quickly gained confidence and is so proud to scoot. Sep 08, 2018

  • My daughter uses hers all the time. We take it everywhere (even in big box stores). Small, light and great for balance Aug 25, 2018

    • Taryn W.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    3 loves it! I was worried he wouldn't 'get it' for a bit, especially since he's a bit behind on some physical developmental milestones, but he figured it out right away and loves it! Aug 16, 2018

  • Super sturdy scooter will last for more than one kiddo. Not what we grew up with! Jul 02, 2018

  • We got 2 of these, 1 for each of our littles. I like that it grows with them. These got a lot of use in our backyard and neighborhood. Mar 30, 2018

  • We purchased this for my son's 1st birthday gift. It was very easy to assemble, and he was able to climb on the lowest seat setting and "scoot" with ease! I can't wait to see how this grows with him! Mar 28, 2018

  • Both kids have loved this scooter! Youngest started when he was under 18 months old! Mar 27, 2018

  • My 3 year old has this and loves riding it around the house and on short walks. Mar 26, 2018

    • Anna H.
    • Aliso Viejo, California

    My son got it for Christmas and was able to scoot around quickly. Perfect for 2 year old or brave 1.5 year olds. He’s almost 4 and still loves it. Mar 19, 2018

  • I purchased this for my 3yo for Christmas. She loves that she can choose to either sit or stand. Keeps her thinking she’s independent and I know she’s more balanced with the 3 wheels. Mar 08, 2018

  • My 2 year old loves this scooter. It’s such a smooth ride and they can turn so easily with this scooter. We loved this so much we needed to buy a second one for my other son. Mar 01, 2018

  • We got this for our 1yo and she loved it. She is now 2.5 and still loves it. It is great that it grows with the child. Feb 05, 2018

    • Erin J.
    • United States of America

    My daughter scooters around the house on this and loves it! It was easy for her to learn and she looks stable and safe on it Jan 23, 2018

  • This is a great first scooter for a toddler. It is very light and makes it easy to learn to operate it! Dec 01, 2017

    • Amy N.
    • Columbus, Ohio

    Our three year old loves this scooter! Nov 28, 2017

  • It’s a great size for my little girl who is on the smaller side. Nov 08, 2017

    • Jane H.
    • New York, New York

    We live in New York City, and my child goes everywhere on her scooter. They are lightweight, yet move to your child's body well. Smooth ride, fun colors. Jun 09, 2017

  • I love this. My 3 year old got it for a gift for her bday. I was worried she wouldn't be old enough but she mastered it in 20 minutes. It teaches kids balance yet still has some balance on it! May 17, 2017

  • very well made, great design. received this as a gift when my son turned 1 Feb 27, 2017

    • Kasia L.
    • United States of America

    a favorite Nov 16, 2016

  • This was a perfect scooter for my two year old. We had another scooter and he could never get the hang of it but with this micro mini he had it down in a couple days. Oct 10, 2016

  • Very smooth ride. Oct 05, 2016

    • Olga K.
    • Vancouver, British Columbia

    Nolan won't leave the house without it. Sep 10, 2016

  • This scooter is great! My daughter has been using hers from age 2-4 & loves it so much that we bought one for our 2 yr old son. Glides well, easy to steer, & the 2 handles means it grows with them Aug 29, 2016

    • Amy W.
    • United States of America

    My 2 year old loves his. We can't go for a walk without it. Stable and has been able to easily learn how to use. The seat would have been useful if he were younger. Worth the price. Aug 25, 2016

  • We love these scooters. They are well made, durable and so great to learn on. We got this model for our 2nd kid and she didn't really like the seat part but the shorter stem and o bar was helpful. Aug 18, 2016