• I recommend. It’s the one that’s listed the longest for my family! The arch comes off and it vibrates to soothe baby. Also there is a lock if you won’t want it to rock for infant. Jan 02, 2023

    • A C.
    • East Palatka, Florida

    Both of my daughters have used and loved this seat. It’s lightweight and sturdy. Dec 18, 2022

  • I love this rocker, it vibrates and has helped with my baby's gas quite often. I bought a second one for my mother. Nov 23, 2022

  • So far so good Easy to change into chair and as well as rocker. Nov 14, 2022

  • This was great for my son - especially during that stage where he wasn't content lying down, but was unable to sit up on his own. We used this faithfully for a couple months and still do! Sep 28, 2022

  • This is cute and a cute idea However my son absolutely hated it. Sep 11, 2022

  • We weren't able to use this rocker for that long, but our baby enjoyed it the few times she did. As a delusional minimalist I tried to keep our gear to a minimum and this was handed down to us. Aug 29, 2022

  • Used this daily from birth to about 10 months when baby learned to climb out of it. Hoping it makes a comeback when they're a toddler. Our kid had reflux so this was so useful post feeding to keep upr Aug 24, 2022

  • I loved this ! My daughter is almost 2 and she will still set in it this is literally the best thing ever Aug 22, 2022

  • Used this with my 2 older kids and plan to use with my newborn. Great for busy moms that need a second to put baby down. Easy to clean and store. Highly recommend Aug 01, 2022

  • It's a great seat for baby. However it doesn't bounce. Which baby loves to do. Maybe she will like it as she gets older. Jul 28, 2022

    • Loni H.
    • Madison, Wisconsin

    My daughter has had this since she was a baby and still uses it today for watching tv when she wants her own space. The buckles and mobile come off for older kiddos. Jul 18, 2022

  • I find the seat to bulky and not impressive Jun 30, 2022

  • Easy to transport for when you have to clean the house. Jun 16, 2022

  • Love this! I did take out the toy park because it was very loud when trying to rock them to sleep. May 11, 2022

  • My favorite part about this is that it has a stand so younger babies can lay in it without flopping around! The fact that she can use this until she’s a toddler is perfect! Apr 27, 2022

  • My 3 month old LOVES this chair! We use it as a rocker or put the stand up and let her nap in it, take her out on the porch, etc. I love that it can be used for up to a toddler as well. Well worth it! Apr 21, 2022

  • Love love love this seat! Easy assembly and my baby loves it! Apr 21, 2022

  • Baby uses this at daycare. She seems to like it. I like that it can rock or there is a kickstand to hold it more upright and stable. The buckles are a little hard to adjust for me. Apr 07, 2022

    • Kara R.
    • Lexington, South Carolina

    Loved this all the way up to toddler years! Apr 03, 2022

  • Both of my boys used this and we will still use it as a chair for my 3 year old to watch TV in. I love the kickout foot for stability. It's also easy to clean. Mar 29, 2022

  • great little rocker. we got it for my daughter when she was 11 months and she is now 2.5 years old and still has it and loves to sit in it Mar 28, 2022

  • I bought this rocker with my first child. It was very convenient for us, and she loved it. She used it comfortably until she was about 3 years old Mar 27, 2022

  • Simple rocking chair that does its job. Nothing fancy with it. Love that it is lightweight and easy to move around. Mar 25, 2022

    • Amy H.
    • North East, Ohio

    6 month old loved rocking & playing with toys. The base of the seat does not have much structure & the seat pulls up with wiggling. Safety bar to stop rocking is great. Love the muted color version Feb 27, 2022

  • Such a useful seat for such a great price. Its a bonus that you get extended use. This is our second purchase because after having it with our first we had to have it again with our newest little one. Feb 27, 2022

  • I bought two of these one to keep at grandma and grandpa’s and one for our house. Feb 23, 2022

  • Love this! My toddler loves sitting in this to watch movies with us. Feb 14, 2022

  • Our 2 month loves this rocker! We have a mamaroo and he cries every time I try to put him in it. Very adorable and gets the job done Feb 10, 2022

  • I recently bought for my toddler. He feels like a big boy with a chair by dads. When my youngest outgrows her bouncer I’ll get her one of these too. Jan 31, 2022

  • No much for use as for now. Hoping to use it when she turns to toddler age Nov 25, 2021

    • Shelby P.
    • North Richland Hills, Texas

    Lightweight and has a couple of reclining options which is nice as kids grow. Easy to clean and very convenient to move from room to room! Only con is there’s no way to store it as it doesn’t collapse Nov 18, 2021

  • Have had this rocker in addition to others and baby loved it. Nov 03, 2021

  • We had one of these for each child and used both for years! Love these. Able to clean, sturdy, also had toy attachments, great item! Oct 11, 2021

  • I love that this will grow with my daughter, it’s very sturdy and good quality. My son had a similar one which we loved however it only went up to 25lbs so we had to stop using it by age 1 Sep 26, 2021

  • My son loved these as a baby. Sep 13, 2021

    • Sandra N.
    • San Luis obispo, California

    My twins love this rocker. For a while it’s the only place my little girl would hang out without crying. Aug 28, 2021

  • Seemed helpful and simple, but it lacked and infant head insert and that was a huge problem for me. Worked better for my child when they got older, but felt it would have gotten more use as a newborn Aug 24, 2021

  • A friend bought this for me and..I owe her big! This is the only place my baby will sit happily besides my or my husband's arms. He will even take supervised naps in it! Aug 06, 2021

  • this was a gift and my son doesn't hate it but it's not his favorite. Jul 06, 2021

    • Abby L.
    • Gardner , Massachusetts

    This is great because it grows with your baby. He is still using it at 7 months Jul 03, 2021

    • Shari B.
    • Clifton Park, New York

    As the baby outgrows seats and gets bigger, this is the only one that sticks around. My daughter used it as a seat as a toddler and we use it for our infant now as well. Jun 28, 2021

  • Good rocker for the first 6months then baby started moving too much to use it. Will see how it goes once the baby turns a year. Jun 23, 2021

  • I really like this my daighter likes it but its very bulky and the rock isnt smooth Jun 17, 2021

  • convenient to move around the home and it does grow with your child. Only con is that it is not easy storage. Jun 16, 2021

  • I’ve had two of these, I just wish they didn’t take such odd batteries Jun 11, 2021

  • I love that it vibrates and my daughter loves to play with the toys that hang above! May 25, 2021

  • I like this but we stopped using it when she could sit on her own as I was always scared that she would tip over. May 23, 2021

  • Light weight & easy to take apart & clean. I like how it can rock or be stable. My son seemed to enjoy this and stay entertained. May 19, 2021

    • Kiani C.
    • Palm Springs, California

    I love that you can use this rocker from birth to toddlerhood. My daughter loves it, I did end up cutting out the toys and adding my own as she couldn’t reach the ones attached. Now she loves it more! May 19, 2021