• Haley S.
    • Allison Park, Pennsylvania

    My baby loves laying on the boppy! It is very easy to carry around when I am going to other places as well. Mar 31, 2020

  • Loved this for the newborn stage! So comfy, and easy to move around from room to room. Just wish you could put it to use much longer! Mar 24, 2020

  • This product is cool but I honestly don’t find myself using it that much. It’s great for when babies are tiny but I wouldn’t use it when they are older that 3 months due to the fact that they may roll Mar 09, 2020

  • We didn't use this as much as you would think. Quickly outgrown, but it was good for a little while! Mar 06, 2020

  • I was given this as a gift from a mom who said it was a lifesaver and man was she right. My son used this very early on and we continued using it as a little seat when he got bigger. Mar 05, 2020

  • We bought one a few years ago for our first child and are now using that same one again with our son. Very easy to wash and holds up great. Mar 04, 2020

  • Got this as a gift. It was nice but did not find myself using it all that much. Would not buy. Feb 17, 2020

  • Perfect for my babies as newborns to hang out with the family in the living room. Feb 08, 2020

  • The best boppy!!! My daughter loved this boppy and I was so sad to see her outgrow it! It has a very nestled in feeling for infants that create a cozy/safe feeling! Jan 23, 2020

  • MUST have for new parents. When you want to put the baby down but close to you, this is the perfect solution. We used it non-stop for the first 3-4 months. Now he prefers to sit up but Was great! Jan 15, 2020

  • I used this on my daughter and she loved it. The only con is that it’s not really useful after 4 months. Jan 14, 2020

    • Paula V.
    • Parsippany , New Jersey

    Omg this was a lifesaver. I wouldn’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t had this. My son only wanted to me carried before this. 5 months and we are still using. I take it everywhere I go. Dec 28, 2019

  • My 3 week old daughter prefers this over any other swing or seat. She will lay peacefully in it for hours, it gives me the opportunity to get things done. Dec 26, 2019

  • The most amazing invention for my baby. We are still using it at 4 months old. Dec 06, 2019

    • Kate J.
    • Charleston, South Carolina

    So great to put your baby on for a few hands free moments. It's safe and comfy. Dec 04, 2019

    • Elora L.
    • Rock hill , South Carolina

    I got this as a baby shower gift and it has come in handy many times. When I needed to shower and needed a comfy place for him to hangout, this worked perfectly. It elevates him just enough. Dec 01, 2019

    • Ali M.
    • Ottawa, Canada

    Loved it for our newborn, we plopped it on the couch next to us and he napped away, or set it in the bed while getting changed in the morning. Outgrown quickly, though. Nov 20, 2019

  • My bf Loved this baby could longe while he plays video game. Baby was comfortable and relaxed. Grandparents also loved this easily travel. Nov 10, 2019

  • We received this as a gift at our babyshower, and it's now a favorite. It's a very nice, comfortable place to set baby for a quick nap (while being watched), or while Mom/Dad are folding laundry, etc. Oct 18, 2019

  • While I don’t use this all the time, it is the perfect solution when I need my son to be close but not in my arms. I can bring it into the bathroom, lay it on the bed when I’m folding clothes, etc. Sep 19, 2019

  • Love that this gives me a safe place to put my newborn in, he’s safe and happy and I can be hands free for a few moments while he’s content kicking and playing 10/10! Sep 18, 2019

    • Mimi R.
    • Monterey, California

    The cover does not come off. WHAT? So if there is a mess, you have to somehow wash the whole friggin thing. What a pain. Sep 13, 2019

  • Love this, my baby loves to sleep on it, even the dog likes to cuddle on it! Sep 12, 2019

  • I have not tried this item yet but just looking at it and feeling the fully stuffed pillow makes me want to test it out for baby. Sep 07, 2019

  • Used this everyday! Preferred it over the original Boppy for lounging baby. Baby loved spending time in this. Hand was convenient. Soft but supportive. Aug 27, 2019

  • This saved us during those first few weeks with a newborn. It‘s an easy way to comfortably put baby down. I wish it would have been a bit bigger to last longer but definitely a must for the early days Aug 22, 2019

  • Our favorite baby item was the Boppy Lounger. I would tell everyone how convenient this product is and also take it everywhere with us. It kept her still and head propped to look around. Aug 15, 2019

  • When my son was first born he loved to lay on this baby lounger it was so comfortable. Aug 14, 2019

    • Kate B.
    • Lake orion, Michigan

    The only thing my child wanted to nap on! Perfect for daytime lounging! Aug 07, 2019

    • Laura A.
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    This pillow is great for newborns! They do grow out of it quickly, but the support it gives them in the first few months is great. They can't slip through and fall under the side like in a big boppy. Aug 06, 2019

  • While it is cute my baby sunk into it. He is small and it didn’t offer support that he needed. Aug 02, 2019

  • My son loved lounging in this and often would nap in it next to me on the couch. I only used it for 2 months before he was too squirmy and long to really sit in it. Aug 01, 2019

  • Great spot to put baby before they know how to roll over! Jul 05, 2019

  • Its a must have for me! I place my daughter in this while I am doing stuff around the house and she just loves it. Jun 28, 2019

  • My babies are 7 months and still lay on these pillows we got bang for our buck on these they adore them to lay and watch cartoons we have been using since they was 5 pounds Jun 18, 2019

  • This is a great item! My daughter loves lounging on this! She would also fall asleep on it! However, I don’t reccomend using once your baby can roll over or if they are long length wise. May 06, 2019

  • My son is just about to outgrow it, and I am so sad about it. It is something that is easy to move throughout the house when you need somewhere to lay your baby, but want to keep him close. Apr 08, 2019

  • Every mommy and baby needs at least one boppy! Mar 27, 2019

  • This lounger was helpful but my son had flat head syndrome and this probably didn't help. We were able to avoid a helmet but I will be more careful next baby. Mar 21, 2019

  • We enjoyed this product in the early months. Babies to not like to lay flat so this helped them feel secure but not being held all the time. Mar 14, 2019

  • Very comfortable for baby to relax in. Blessings to look around. Washes well. Mar 11, 2019

  • It was love for newborn! But my guy outgrew it quickly and its bulky to store Mar 05, 2019

    • jenny a.
    • jersey city, New Jersey

    I don't think this is worth owning. depending not the baby, they grow out of it very quickly. Mar 03, 2019

  • Loved this pillow when my daughter was unable to sit-up. She would comfortably nap in it for hours. It was machine-washable and held up very well. My only major dislike was the fabrics stiff feeling. Mar 01, 2019

  • This is a must have! My baby loves sitting up a little bit in this lounger. The only downside is that the cat also loves it! Feb 26, 2019

    • Devon F.
    • Sellersville, Pennsylvania

    The new born lounger was a life saver. My son loved to lay in this and look around. Feb 20, 2019

    • Becca R.
    • United States of America

    It is a nice lounger for my little one to lay on when I'm making dinner. I don't like that I can't take the cover off to throw in the laundry. You have to wash the entire thing. Feb 15, 2019

  • This was great when we used it but it didn’t last long. The baby outgrew it quickly. Great for my reflux baby. Feb 12, 2019

  • So thankful I had this when my daugther was born. She was five pounds and didnt like laying flat on her back. This is the perfect fit for tiny babies and for babies with reflux. Feb 01, 2019

  • Baby girl loves it and she's nestled all safely in there. We place her in it while we're doing family activities like watching movies or playing games. She feels included and social without being held Jan 30, 2019