• Aileen R.
    • South San Francisco, California

    Bought this because I didn't want to buy disposable ones. Sometimes when using this you can see through the shirt that there is a circle on your boob. It doesn't confirm well and is not contoured. Jul 03, 2018

    • Mandy D.
    • Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

    Bought multiple packs. Great quality and never lose shape or comfort even after many washes! May 18, 2018

  • I don't love these. They are thicker than other brands I've used, and have a weird seem through part of it that can be uncomfortable. Apr 30, 2018

  • These are so soft (which was so helpful in the beginning stages of breast feeding) and easy to clean! I found them to be much more comfortable than any of the disposable pads I tried. Apr 13, 2018

  • Washable: saves money no need for disposable. Super soft: great against sore nipples, no scratching. Perfect size: absorbs A LOT but doesn't show through bras. Tried 4 others and these are the best! Mar 20, 2018

  • These are these best nursing pads for leaky breasts. I have a very strong let down while nursing and these prevent milk from getting through while also staying pretty dry. Helps prevent thrush too! Feb 16, 2018

  • Best fit nursing pads! Jan 31, 2018

  • So much better than the disposable. Easy to use and wash Jan 21, 2018

  • My favorite nursing pads. The benefits of nice washeable fabric, but they have an outer liner to prevent you from leaking through. They also have a really cute case, and aren’t as visible under my shirts as the disposables. Oct 20, 2017