• Really love the smell of this wash, wouldn't use again on baby's hair as it was too drying. My child has curly/kinky hair and we need extra moisture. Mar 04, 2020

    • Kelly R.
    • Valley Springs , California

    This soap smells amazing and gentle on skin. Our entire family uses it! Feb 23, 2020

    • Heidi D.
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    This is the shampoo my LO has at his grandma's house! He always comes home so clean and smelling light and great. Feb 21, 2020

  • I have been using this soap on my kids since they were born! I love the scent and the packaging. Feb 17, 2020

  • I love the simple and non harsh ingredients this has. Smells great and the pump makes it easy to get out one handed. Feb 03, 2020

  • It smells so good and doesn’t leave any weird residue. Feb 03, 2020

  • Love this wash! I have been using this to wash my daughters hair and body with no irritation! I follow with honest lotion. Easy to use bottle and a little goes a long way ! Jan 31, 2020

    • Sarah B.
    • Hopewell Junction, New York

    Gentle and smells great. Have been using this for over 4 years now! Jan 28, 2020

  • Our go to soap!! Jan 14, 2020

  • So, I adore the scent of this--like an orange creamsicle! However, my baby has sensitive skin. This was too scented for her and we stopped using it. It irritated her. Jan 12, 2020

  • If you have sensitive skin is perfect Jan 09, 2020

  • Smells so good! We use this almost every day for bath time! Jan 03, 2020

    • jada s.
    • crockett, California

    Have been using this one my son for a couple of years now. He's never complained when it's gotten in his eyes. Love the scent Jan 02, 2020

    • Toni H.
    • Madison, Mississippi

    The scent is amazing and the formula is gentle enough for both my babies. A few extra squirts in the running water and you have a small bubble bath. Jan 02, 2020

  • I bought this my 11 month old after using Dove, Aveeno and Johnson’s shampoos, and I love this the most. My sister also uses this on her 7 and 4 years olds. Dec 30, 2019

    • Nancy J.
    • San Francisco, California

    Smells heavenly and cleanses well Dec 18, 2019

  • This shampoo/body wash is great! It's gentle, tear free, and smells wonderful. It lasts a long time as well. The Orange Vanilla is my favorite scent. Sep 16, 2019

    • Niki C.
    • Chesapeake, Virginia

    The smell is great! It doesn’t seem to irritate our babies skin either. Sep 13, 2019

  • Was okay,but disappointed they had recall but did not want to reimburse most of costs. Sep 11, 2019

  • Love the soft scent. Its good for day time baths. Aug 20, 2019

    • Erin N.
    • Hampstead, North Carolina

    I love the smell of this and like the natural ingredients. Works great! Aug 04, 2019

    • Andie N.
    • United States of America

    Another favorite from Honest company. All of their shampoo/body wash are great. Jul 30, 2019

  • Love the light scent! Such a nice, gentle formula. I buy it in bulk at Costco. Jul 15, 2019

  • Love using this product on my sweet babies! I love the smell of this wash, it scent lasts for a good amount of time. Doesn’t dry their skin out at all. We love the whole honest skin care/wash line! Jul 02, 2019

  • We do love honest a lot and this scent is are favorite. Smells so good and leave my baby feeling smooth! Jul 01, 2019

  • (what's this?)
    • Anh N.
    • Sunnyvale, California

    I love how gentle this is on my kids and how you can use it from head to toe. It also leaves the kids smelling good too! May 17, 2019

    • Gina P.
    • Rancho Cucamonga , California

    Got this as part of my baby shower gift. It cleans well and is sensitive on my baby’s skin. I just don’t care for the smell too much May 16, 2019

  • Sweet but not overpowering scent, and gets my baby’s skin and hair soft and clean without overdrying! One bottle lasts a long time! May 15, 2019

  • I love Honest Co products and feel good using them on my children! May 06, 2019

  • The smell is heavenly and its my favorite body wash I've tried so far! My youngest has eczema and this seems to keep it under control along with her lotion since it's free of alot of the bad stuff. Apr 24, 2019

    • Katie M.
    • Newport , Rhode Island

    This shampoo is great! My son's hair always comes out clean and "fluffy" after using it. It just falls nicely and seems to rinse out nicely. The scent is nice but not overpowering Apr 14, 2019

  • Smells like a orange cream pop! Nice an sudsy also. Works good on sensitive skin Apr 02, 2019

  • Mild scent, great lather. a pump bottle makes bath time so much easier than opening a bottle or cap all the time. A huge fan of all things Honest company! Mar 06, 2019

    • Ann C.
    • Bothell, Washington

    Dried out baby's skin. My children both needed something with more moisture. Feb 19, 2019

  • Gentle for my baby and smells great! Jan 28, 2019

    • Ali L.
    • NEW YORK, New York

    I love the way this smells - it cleans well too. He doesn't seem to mind if it gets in his eyes. The pump is easy to use with one hand. Jan 23, 2019

  • Smells great and easy to lather. Jan 22, 2019

    • Val D.
    • San Antonio, Texas

    Bought this last year and ever since I didn't change product that I can use both in my hair and in my skin. Love the orange and vanilla scent in me! Jan 15, 2019

  • Gentle and smells great! Nov 02, 2018

  • This was one of the better washes I have used. The best part is I could use it too so it made traveling easier or taking the baby in the shower easier. Plus it smells great Aug 12, 2018

  • I love that this is biodegradable and earth-friendly. I also love that it’s too drying for sensitive baby skin. Not too crazy about the scent I would have preferred a lavender or lemon scent. Aug 01, 2018

  • I love this soap! I switched to honest company after finding out how many chemicals were in my baby’s previous soap... and I’m so glad I did! This soap smells and feels great. Jul 18, 2018

  • I love the sweet orange scent of this shampoo but it is a little drying to my daughters really fine hair. Jul 08, 2018

    • Cori R.
    • O’Fallon, Missouri

    Started using this when my toddler needed a better shampoo than baby soap. Love the smell- just like a dreamsicle! The conditioner is great too Jul 07, 2018

  • I did not like the smell of this shampoo. Jul 05, 2018

  • Love that this product is all natural. Has a light scent and is perfect for my sons senitive skin. Jun 18, 2018

  • My favorite shampoo for my daughter! Jun 13, 2018

  • Love the light and refreshing scent! It says it's tear free, but my daughter cries if a little bit gets in her eyes while rinsing which I never experienced with other tear free products. Apr 18, 2018

  • Worked well but had to use more than other products. Too pricey to continue use. Mar 30, 2018

  • This smells amazing!! After giving my babe a bath he smells so good! The scent is not over powering. It is great for babies. Feb 25, 2018